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Could you partner with a UK based reseller? The postage costs for a couple of units over here are huge

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Hi Zasta,

I am in Europe and have a spare pair of GTM (unopened) that I would like to sell. I planned to give them as a gift but my order got stuck in customs and didn’t arrive on time. If you are interested (or anyone else in Europe), please let me know!

Hi Leah,thanks for the offer. Unfortunately if the units fail to update firmware, the company has stopped helping to repair units that were bought second hand, meaning you could get stuck with useless units :/. With that being said, what price would you be charging and how much would shipping cost from you to the UK? :smiley:

Hi. Sorry for the late reply, looks like the notification didn’t come through. Would be 165 € including tracked shipping.

That’s disappointing on behalf of goTenna to be honest. But note though that there is no point in updating unless you’re a developer, as per this thread: Difference between firmware versions 1.1.8 and 1.1.12

Or here:

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