Difference between firmware versions 1.1.8 and 1.1.12

I’ve been receiving a lot of questions regarding this and would like to address it here.

There is no functional difference between the two firmwares. 1.1.12 allows for SDK access via USB.

So, if anyone has a unit with older firmware, you will only be able to update to 1.1.8 through the app.

If anyone has questions, you can PM or email me at support@gotenna.com!

How would we upgrade to 1.1.12? Any more news on apps to utilize gotenna over USB?

I believe that Nate was trying to convey that 1.1.12 is simply the version of the firmware associated with the USB SDK. You don’t upgrade to it, it’s simply the version that works with the SDK.

The SDK page is here and you’ll find the SDK request form there if you want to get a SDK: