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A few issues with the Python SDK

I’m using the Python USB SDK and have successfully managed to get two of my goTenna mesh talking to each other using the SDK and sample app. However I’ve noticed some strange behaviour and I was hoping to see if anyone else is having the same problems or if they know how to mitigate them.

  1. PC to PC communication works, Android to Android / Android to ios works. However PC to android or ios does not work. Does anyone know why this is? I can send a broadcast from my phone, but the light won’t even flash on the PC goTenna. I’ve also tried this in reverse, no broadcasts from the sample app reach my phone as well.

  2. When I close the sample app, I can’t reconnect to the goTenna until I power the goTenna off and back on again.

Apart from that, the new SDK seems great! But I’d really appreciate any advice or pointers on the above two issues!

For reference, I’m using the latest version of the SDK and the 1.1.12 firmware.

thanks for the feedback @jpwsutton . I’ve passed this along to get some feedback…stay tuned!


Hi jpwsutton,

1: This is because of SDK token. I am assuming you are using goTenna Native Android/iOS apps and the messages are NOT coming through. We use our own SDK token and units will drop the messages if the tokens are different. This is by design. You can download our public android SDK and use your token if you want to test against Android.

2: When you quit the sample ( app do you see unit’s LED blinking again? It should start to blink once your app disconnects from PC’s USB serial port. This indicates the bluetooth is active (blinking LED) Please make sure that app is closing the serial port from your PC.


Thanks for such a quick response!

  1. That makes sense about the SDK token, that’s actually a nice way of keeping application traffic segregated. - Cool!

  2. Ok, I’ll have a bit more of a dig with the sample app, the LEDs are blinking, but I get timeout errors. This does sound like I’m not closing and re-opening the serialport though. Once I’ve nailed down what I was doing wrong, I’ll post back here for others to see to.