Microsoft Windows Support & python SDK


I have Microsoft Windows devices that I need to creat a mesh network of off-grid.

I understand there is no support for Windows. Is there any plan, hack, utility for Gotenna or another similar device that supports the same concept on Windows platform?


No we do not currently have any plans to build an in-house Windows Phone app given the size of our team and the relatively small market-share compared to iOS & Android. Thanks!


Thanks, but I am looking for Windows 10 desktop SDK, can’t the code be ported to Windows?


@Farhandotcom We are currently working on a Python SDK that can be run on a variety of different platforms such as Windows, Mac OSX, and Raspberry Pi. It will also be able to control a goTenna via USB. We do not have an official release date for it yet, but it is nearing final rounds of QA testing on our side, so hopefully it will be available soon!

USB SDK for hardware integration

Yum! Raspberry Pi… :thinking:


When you get ready to allow external developers to Beta Test this SDK, please let me know. I am very interested in using the GoTenna Mesh with desktop computers, Raspberry Pi, and BeagleBone Black computers as a gateway for communication.


Wow can we beta test it with you? How to keep ourselves posted on your release date


@RichardV @Farhandotcom We will make a separate announcement on Mesh Community about the Python SDK when it is available, and may do an initial beta testing round within the community, so keep your eyes out for that!


hmm, rPi… I am interested to see what could be done with one of those, tunneling?


Im also an experienced developer interested in implementing a centralized message management system for gotenna traffic, specifically for disaster scenarios. Im looking at a PC/Linux based solution and would be very interested in helping port the API to that platform using C++.


You guys are killing me slowly!!! I really want to use that USB SDK! I’ll beta test the heck out of it. I’m very comfortable with Python and I have already built some simple apps with the Android SDK. I so need USB! I want to integrate my Gotennas directly to my router! Imagine a relay node that can be controlled via WiFi and distribute notifications to WiFi connected devices as well as send important notifications to other Gotennas.


+1 for me and Python to do any beta testing.


Has anything come out?