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Can't upgrade firmware past 1.1.8

I have 4 gotenna mesh units that won’t upgrade to the latest 1.1.12. No response from

Running Android app version 5.0.2.

I’ve kept them fully charged and paired to an up to date android device for over 24 hours. I’ve cleared the app cache, uninstalled the android app, unpaired, re-paired, many different times, in many different combinations. Followed all the instructions here:

These 4 that won’t upgrade their firmware all have the oldest serial numbers of all my units:
MX 182 103 36
MX 182 103 56
MX 182 105 10
MX 182 114 67

Thanks in advance for any tips.

Support doesn’t work weekends, but they will get back to you.

Do you have access to a iPhone? Pairing with it may solve this, then unpair and go back to your Android to see if that shook things loose.

My initial email was sent on 5/27 - a week ago today. I did manage to get an iOS device to try the unjamming, but with no luck.

Hi James,

You may need the goTenna app that has the ‘engineering’ menu - this was sent to me by Warren from goTenna.

I upgraded my non-upgradable (from the Play Store) 1.1.8 units to 1.1.12 using that custom APK. However I think the link is only for those who it’s been shared to Google Drive. I’ll try to put it up on a mirror… but use at your own risk - since there’s some intimidating warning menus before you do certain processes.

And apparently I have one more 1.1.8 straggler. So here’s the flow…

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Hey James, I just PM’d you!

Not sure why we aren’t seeing your email but we can get you squared away.

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