Regional group chats

I think it might be fun to post GID and location and start up regional group chats.

I’ll start I’m in Portland Oregon message me on GID:1503 7199 876 and I’ll add you to a group chat.


That’s limited to 10 participants, right? Or is that just how many one can add to the group chat? It’d be novel to get the same thing in the Bay Area, especially if we could get it to span the Bay (SF<->Oakland).

I don’t know, if that’s true it kind of ruins my idea. I was hoping to essentially create a shout that meshes.

It would be nice if they gave an option to recieve meshed shouts and the option to send meshed shouts. Like say vs yell in a mmo.

Correct, 10 max in a group in Mesh (6 for Plus w/ delivery confirmations).

I would suggest something more open like how radio “net” chats are set up. Sort of akin to Cruisers Net - folks that sail around the world know that in most harbors, know they can listen at 8am to channel 68 and have a “group chat” with other cruisers within radio range.

Pick a regular date/time (Sundays at 8pm or whatever) that would be broadcast via the FAQ / twitter etc by Gotenna and known to many, location independent, and use Shout messaging to see who you can reach and talk with, share nearby relay node locations on the map, etc, since that will reach anyone in range. If a group develops on a specific topic or a few very active users, then create a group – and without knowing anyone’s GID, you can tap and hold on any message to add that user to your contact list.

And of course you can use Shout messaging anytime to see if anyone else is in range. I plan on leaving my relay node attached to a tablet if bluetooth range allows, so I can read or send shout messages regularly and see who else is in the area.


Whilst I like the idea of regular times to tune in, that works for people who are highly organised and their lives potentially depend on that information. We’re just a bunch of people playing with toys, so the effort will probably peter out rather quickly.

Your idea of a fixed tablet paired to a fixed node is elegant, for those of us that a) have a spare node and b) a tablet that’s mainly at home.

Incentives from goTenna themselves to setup and maintain fixed nodes would really help this effort: in the Bay Area, I see one fixed node, and a bunch of others on the map, and that’s it, which is a shame for an area that’s tech literate, and into open source/anti-the-man topics.

Are you listening, dear goTenna? Incentivise us to set up permanent mesh nodes, and you’ll have a network that actually exists and can be taken advantage of, instead of something that seems to be largely non-existant at the moment.

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Just some ideas- gamify it - each 24 hours a gotenna is connected to an app in the same gps point is 1 “relay credits”. 30 credits, free Gotenna Plus subscription. Allow users to contribute credits (earned by running own relays) to put a “gps bounty” radius on the map, 30 days of node operation at fixed gps within the radius claims the bounty, redeem for swag, discounts, REI gift cards etc. would help to add a “nearby nodes” feature to ping and show fixed node gps locations.


I have to run but I like the ideas here!!! Will be back with more of my own soon :slight_smile: