Questions from a new user

I just received my mesh units and have been trying to get them set up. I have three questions that I can’t find answers for in the FAQ’s:

  1. Is there a way edit map names? The topographical maps are simply named MAP ####. Is it possible to customize the name?

  2. How do I delete a map? (I accidentally downloaded the same map twice)

3, When I was going through set up and pairing up my phone (iphone), the app suggested that to increase battery life, you should put your phone on airplane mode and then reactivate bluetooth. When I go to airplane mode, I lose pairing (obviously) but reactivating bluetooth doesn’t see the gotenna unit when I try to pair it back up. What am I missing?

Under Maps swipe left and you will see the option to edit title and delete the map. iOS version. I’m not near my android to tell you how to edit/delete.

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Thank you. I tried that initially and I guess I wasn’t using the right touch. But that did the trick. for both renaming and deleting.