Integrating Imeshyou-map into app

Hello all,

What about integrating the map into the app? That way you can easily check if there is a node in the area. And having a good idea if you might get a response or not.

What do you think?



Not sure how that would work? If you need the goTenna, chances are you don’t have a network connection.

It could be something as simple as a background process in the app that while you have connectivity downloads the latest known locations of mesh units within 10km. Then when you lose connectivity you’d have at least the last cached locations. Obviously as time ticks on the cache becomes less and less accurate for mobile mesh units but should be good for stationary mesh units.

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That could be handy. It would have to be limited in some form in terms of the area depicted, then further trimmed down to reside in your phone.

Actually trying to push the map through the mesh in some form is a non-starter, I suspect, due to bandwidth limits of the mesh.


Maybe, maybe not. Most people would’ve already downloaded the actual map. The coordinates of the relay locations may not take up much space at all. Maybe as simple as a uniquely coloured pin.


When I meant connectivity I meant actual LTE or WiFi connectivity. That way the map is refreshed when you have connectivity but when that is lost it is at least it is cached with last known locations when it was connected.


Oh, we’re way ahead of ya :wink:

Along with being able to see nodes (placed and dynamic!) nearby, what other imeshyou features would you like to see? I think access to Mesh Community would be great.


If you were to integrate the map, why not the placing of pins as well…

On another note (just thinking out loud) while browsing the map, and I see someone nearby, could I send a DM through the app & network. Providing that the pin offers contact info.

way ahead?
Is this present in 5.0 or 5.0.2?
Presumably this won’t be included until 5.1? Which means we have to choose… 6 hops or map integration?