Add new device to #imeshyou GoTenna Mesh Network Map

Newbie here, just activated and paired two GoTennas (separate devices), but neither are appearing on the map. Created a profile but can not figure out how to add my node to my profile, or get it to appear on the map.

  1. How can I do so?

  2. Will my GoTenna, when turned on of course, act as a relay for other users even without it appearing on the map?

You have to manually add your nodes to the map. You use your account to sign in, like here at the forum. Once signed in, you should see see a “+” button in the upper right corner of the map. Click it and a node will pop up that you can position where needed, as well as a form that let’s you add more detail, choose whether it’s a mobile vs stationary node, etc.

Yes, your devices will relay, etc without being on the map. Putting them on the map is your option.


@mlbrown66 For now you’ll have to update the map manually on We are however looking into providing the ability to update the node map right from the goTenna app, so stay tuned!


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