goTenna Mesh Network Map ( features & enhancements

Starting this thread to share news of enhancements/fixes to the goTenna Mesh Network Map (a.k.a. as they become available but also so you can educate me and the rest of the goTenna team on what other features you’d like to see!

No idea is too small or big to share! We’re also appreciative of any improvements you think we can make to what’s currently live, of course.


I’ll start off by sharing we pushed some new functionality to this morning! :slight_smile:

New functionality:

  • Edit/delete your goTenna Mesh nodes
  • Edit your account


  • Nodes are now easier to see (we added green elements to the pins)

Next up/in progress: A fully mobile version of the site


We want to build core integrations to interconnect with the off-grid experience you have with the goTenna Mesh hardware & mobile apps. In other words:

How do we connect the online experience with the in-field (often off-grid) goTenna Mesh experience? PLEASE SHARE YOUR IDEAS!

We’re just as interested in features/functionality you’d like to see in this regard as well as what you wouldn’t want to see. Thanks in advance!


I wouldn’t mind possibly seeing in the Gotenna application a download of where the 24/7 relays SHOULD be in theory.


@scotchlover great idea!
We will need to connect goTenna Mesh to the internet to make this work. Guess we have a lot of work to do!

@Rahul_Subramany I don’t think you would need to connect the GoTenna Mesh to the internet for that. You could use the already existing database as a layer in the GoTenna application for the offline Maps. Leveraging the already existing GPS in the phones themselves you would see the data.

Unless you were aiming for real time updating the already existing static map should work for my idea until you figure out a better way to do such (I.E. Connecting Mesh to the internet for real time updating of locations which I don’t think too many people would be keen on for public viewing)


@scotchlover you are correct! We can leverage the database and to show 24x7 relays directly in the app.

I was thinking ahead to how we can update active relay nodes in real time. E.g. if a relay node shuts down due to low battery, we could hide this node on or change its status.


I would like to select nodes and calculate the distance between them. Then display Hop partners and / or
most used hop partners.

Color code node:
by useage [messages relayed],
Amount of Hop partners
Consistency of connection [latency]
color code Path signal strength
interesting demo:


I just decided to delete my node on the map since it won’t typically be there and I didn’t see any way to delete the node. Am I missing something?

It’s a bit disconcerting to see exact pinpoints for locations on the map, especially for stationary relays located at people’s homes. For example, I can currently identify the house with the node closest to me using the map.

Rather than just have a binary share/not share choice, perhaps a third option would be nice. For example, you could just show a semi-transparent disc that is randomly offset by a certain distance for those who want some degree of anonymity. I.e., polar coordinates where % of the max radius and angle are both randomized. This would be a nice balance between privacy and illustration of network availability.

A max radius of a few hundred meters would easily obscure most addresses in dense neighborhoods. I’m not sure how to address rural and semi-rural residences.


@Brett_Cannon The idea with area nodes is to just show general areas where you are likely to be using goTenna Mesh. Area nodes are defined as “Area nodes show general locations where meshers regularly use their devices.” The point is to build a sense of community around goTenna Mesh because there are likely (especially with time) to be more and more people in your general area who have devices and there’s a public safety/civic utility to being aware of them. And unless we can invite people to share this visually in some way you might otherwise not be awre of anyone else. :slight_smile:

On the other hand, the other kinds of nodes are defined as: “Stationary relay nodes show where meshers have placed stationary, continuously powered-on devices (e.g. connected to wall outlets, solar power, etc.)”

I wouldn’t worry about this so much @disposablename — we thought of this when we created and that’s why everyone who decides to self-report a stationary or area node can choose where to place the pin on the map. I, for instance, didn’t put a pin EXACTLY where my home is… I put it a few blocks away. So the pin you’re looking at in your neighborhood is more than likely an approximation (unless the user who placed it on there felt comfortable with an exact location).

P.S. If you want to move where a node you’ve placed on the map is just click Edit (or Delete) Node within the My Account section of

So then the answer is there isn’t a way to delete the node? :wink:

BTW, I would love to run a stationary node, but you all don’t sell individual nodes at the moment and I don’t need a 4th node by buying a second pair.


Brett, please write to and we’ll see what we can do
about getting a straggler device. :wink:

We have added brand new features to

  • now looks great on mobile devices - thanks to a new mobile responsive design
  • You can now see Mesh nodes much more clearly, thanks to Nodes auto resizing based on zoom level
  • A lot smoother experience thanks to and bug fixes and stability improvements

Check it out!

In rare circumstances, users who have imeshyou sessions active on multiple devices may have trouble accessing goTenna Mesh Community, after this update. Please sign out of imeshyou and sign in again to resolve this.


RE: a tab for upcoming events on the imeshyou website

just imagine large scale temporary events like Burningman, Coachella, Women’s March on Washington, 2018 Winter Olympics, etc. wouldn’t it be very useful to have a tab for upcoming events on the imeshyou page where you can look up events you plan on attending to see a map of the Mesh network. it can be useful to strategize coverage. at Burningman for example, if i have 2 Mesh devices and i see there is sufficient coverage near my camp i would then loan my other Mesh unit to friends at a different camp where the coverage is weak to fill in the weak spots.

another scenario is if i’m at the Women’s March and see lots of coverage where expect to be marching i would then leave my other Mesh device in my parked car or hotel room blocks away to act as a Stationary Relay Node.

the event maps aid in planning to evenly distribute community coverage.

here’s the unofficial map of this year’s 2017 Burningman layout. the imeshyou map would look exactly like this, but with Stationary Relay Nodes on the map instead of camps.

2017 Unofficial Map of Black Rock City for Burning Man -

Firechat, the off-the-grid chat app was initially setup as a way for people to communicate at events like Burningman. Gotenna Mesh could easily become the go-to device for events like this which usually makes them easier to adopt in day-to-day use.


@teramitsu Great idea! We are definitely on this one.

You are absolutely right! Being able to see where Mesh nodes will be in the future for a limited amount of time, will be extremely beneficial for attendees at major events such as Coachella, Burningman etc. In addition, here are a few other scenarios where this feature will be handy:

  • Regular outdoor activities: hiking inside Glacier National Park during the week of 8/21? Log in to & see who else plans to be there that week.
  • Emergencies: Setup temporary Relay Nodes and mark them on

One more event that its too bad most of us won’t have their goTenna’s for… The August 21st solar eclipse. There will be literally hundreds of thousands of people in area’s that most likely have none or one cell tower in range and I suspect that a lot of people will wish they had a goTenna mesh to communicate with, especially emergency workers.


@Turnerb If you have an urgent time-sensitive need for goTenna Mesh, write to and explain… and we’ll do everything we can do expedite your order (unless it’s already going to be in your hands by then). We can’t make the impossible happen with our inventory/supply chain timelines but wherever something is possible, we’re happy to do it :slight_smile:


Thats OK, I’m good. I have the first generation goTenna which will work well enough for me. I just wont be helping anyone else out as a node in the mesh network.

This idea is going in the right direction. Totally agree with having a option to plan or request mesh users to confirm if they will be in the area or participating in published event(s). I have a cycling event coming up 25th of August called Hotter n Hell 100. The event is well know amongst avid cyclists, you have the option to ride up to 100 miles amongst 10-13k cyclist which includes professional riders (first to launch the ride). The event is very well organized from local police depts controlling traffic across 4-5 counties to standby medical teams and doctors volunteering throughout the event. Thousands of volunteers provide food/water every 10-11 miles. The event is huge! Having the option to post a upcoming event and ask mesh users to confirm if they will be near the area or even participating in the event (with mesh device on them) would be great to know since communication can be spotty as you ride the 100 miles especially out on the hilly roads. There is a expo show days leading up to the event with vendors selling bike gear etc. Perfect opportunity for gotenna to display and show how gotenna mesh works and how it can be diployed and used even in cycling events. I already emailed gotenna support about my event and hopefully I get my devices (3) in time to stay in touch with a friend who will be riding the 100 mikes with me. I’ll leave the third in my truck as a relay.