Does the goTenna app support multiple nodes?

I would like to setup a few stationary relay nodes (permanently on and connected to power). Is there a way to manage all of my nodes via my iPhone app, or is that a future feature that’s in the works? I’m just wondering because I’m assuming goTenna will be pushing firmware updates via the app, and my concern is that my stationary nodes won’t get updates because I am not paired with them via the app.

@OBI-JUAN You can manage all your nodes with the same iPhone app. You will have to unpair/re-pair to connect to each new node. From your goTenna apps Side Menu, go into Settings-> Unpair goTenna to get started.
REMEMBER to set a new goTenna ID (GID) for your relay units each time you pair a relay unit to your phone.

FW updates that we will be releasing in the near future will be optional and will not affect the performance of your relay units.

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Got it, thanks. I also noticed that you can’t use the same user logon info that you use for the Is that normal, shouldn’t there be a “Login” option when you first open the app so you can use your existing login info instead of creating a second account for use on the app?

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The goal is to hire a full-time developer who is going to work on full-on integrations between the website experience and the app. That’s the goal. If you know anyone in New York City who is a talented full stack dev and might want to work on this… Send them our way :slight_smile:

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Got it… I actually know of a few, but not one in NYC. I’ll ask around and if I run into any prospects I’ll be sure send them your way. :smile: