Can I pair multiple devices?

I have one iPhone and two iPads can I pair all 3 devices to one Mesh unit with the same account?

Nope… well not all at once…

One GoTenna pairs with just one or none device at a time

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Correct! But if you want to pair a device to a different phone you can do that as often as you’d like @RogerOrange :slight_smile:

Could one device be used as a router/gateway for other devices? Other than developing the router software in a device, would anything prevent this as an option?

Nope! Also any goTenna Mesh device dropped in a location and left unpaired is immediately/automatically a mesh relay node for other devices around it, by the way! Out-of-the-box I mean.

Let me clarify…could a connected device (phone, tablet RaspPi) be used to route communication through one goTenna device? Not sure if your nope was to the first question, or the second question. Guess I could have been more clear.

There are some issues to solve the FCC. But ideally we should have base stations with larger (more sensitive) antenna’s) for greater range that can be connected to an internet so individual mesh networks can be interconnected.

With some luck we can use iOS 11 to automate copy and paste to messages or email :wink:

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@RogerOrange Into all of what you’re saying here.

@Rahul_Subramany and I are brainstorming ways to interconnect to the internet (beyond SMS network relay which we already offer via goTenna Plus) to offer essential back-haul out-of-the-box. But yes, yes, yes everyone should use the SDK and build their own apps, we’re happy to support a platform and we definitely don’t want to be the bottleneck for innovation/use-cases with goTenna Mesh!

I received my third gotenna mesh today. Tried to pair it to a unused iPhone 6 and I paired it. I wanted to change the GID number to random number and I am
Not able to save generated GID #

Isn’t the GID # just the phone number of the paired phone? Doesn’t it change when you pair with a different phone?

The GID is a generated number when selected so you don’t have to use your personal phone number. The GID doesn’t change unless you tell it to change. You would give out your GID # to others in order to communicate with other gotenna mesh users.

Thanks for that info. I just viewed the phone number and did not realize it
could be changed to a random number. If I unpair and then pair with a new
phone, will the GID update to the new phone number in the pairing process?
or does it stay the same until manually changing? Trying to be ready for
deployment with 4 mesh units with the possibility of changes in crews and
want coms to run smoothly.

If you are paring to a new phone then i believe you will need a new GID # assigned to the new phone. This is how you are able to communicate with others for each device you pair it with. One GID # is assigned per phone if you choose not to use your number.

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Thank you. I will have to play with a few of my units to get this dialed in so as not to stumble others…

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