Is the goTenna ID associated with the device or phone?

@danielagotenna; @anon62894636 I’m wondering how the goTenna ID that you create when you pair a goTenna Mesh device is stored. Is it associated with the app on the cell phone to which it is paired, or is it associated with the device itself? Further - if you have chosen a random ID to pair with your phone rather than your phone number, when you then Unpair that goTenna Mesh device, pair it with a different phone, and then unpair and pair back with the original phone - is the original random ID retained? Just curious how this works. Thanks in advance for your feedback!

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The cell or random ID number is associated with your phone/cell device. You can pair and unpair from it repeatedly and the goTenna Mesh paired with it currently will always show the same number,

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Thanks, Mike! Much appreciated!

The ID is linked to the app on the phone. So no matter which goTenna is paired, the ID will remain the same. Think of the goTenna Mesh as just an antenna for your device. All other information is stored in the app.

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Could you start with one ID on a device, change it to another and then restore the original ID?

This could be useful for testing a built-out meshed area. A secondary device could be used to set identities on GTM’s in regular mode. Then each repeater could independently be pinged. I know that MikeL had mentioned using end reachability to test the mesh. I also know that it takes a bit more power to run in regular non-repeater mode. However if you have enough power budget, this should enable testing the existing mesh without traveling around.