Unpair goTenna Mesh without paired phone

Is there a means to unpair a previously paired mesh unit, without the paired phone? I have seen instructions on how to unpair a mesh unit via the paired phone, but what if the paired phone is not available for this procedure.

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If a paired phone is not in range a unit acts as if it is unpaired, which is to say, you can pair it again to any other phone using the pairing procedure (turn unit on, hit Pair from any nearby phone). There’s really no reason to use the Unpair feature unless you are changing units your want to use from a phone, since you can always force a pairing to a different phone, and units always act as repeaters if paired or not.

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I got the impression the Gotenna might stop looking for a Bluetooth connection after being on for a set amount of time as a battery saving measure. First is that accurate? Second does that require a power cycle or a simple press of the power button to start pairing mode again?

  1. Correct!
  2. Cycle- hold button until light goes out, then hold again to turn on. Single press quickly is for status
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