Unpaired GoTenna Mesh as repeater?

I just got my units. Can I leave the unpaired unit on and plugged in to function as a repeater? Or do they need to be paired to behave that way?

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I think so. Read the thread below.


Yes, take out of box, plug in. Done. They are functioning as a node (repeater).


Well, turn it on too. :blush:


Thanks all. I’ll keep my spare on at home then to support the community.

One more question. I noticed the various use options on the site. I’m guessing those don’t really enforce usage policies on the actual unit.

And are the LEDs supposed to flash red-white alternating when on and charging? That’s kind of annoying…

Boy howdy do we need a FAQ @Rahul_Subramany

Red is charging. When it’s charged it turns off.

White flashing means ready to pair to a phone. If you don’t pair a phone it stops flashing after 5 minutes. It will also flash one time if a shout message is received.

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I noticed when paired I can tap the battery level indicator in the app to make it flash once as well. That has already been very useful when I mixed up units.


Well, there is a FAQ on the main site (Support > goTenna Mesh). First question under “How it Works” covers the white LED. The red LED is covered by the first question under “Device Specs,” though one would expect both LED’s to be covered by the first question under “How it Works” since that question is “‘What do the indicator lights mean?’.”

By the way @Rahul_Subramany, is that a typo on the GoTenna Mesh FAQ: Device Specs, “How long does goTenna Mesh take to charge?”? It says red LED next to USB port. Only the v1 had a LED next to the USB port. The Mesh LED is front and center.


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Perhaps there can also be a thread FAQ, pinned to the top of the forum. There people can look through the FAQ and if their question isn’t answered, they can post on the thread and once an answer is given, the original post can be edited to add that question to the list.


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