How to setup a stationary relay node?

I want to setup a stationary, plugged-in gotenna mesh node, just to expand the network / mesh.

As I understand, a node doesn’t have to be connected to a phone to relay messages. What I’m wondering, does it need to be paired to a phone to relay messages, as in ever? (making the distinction between pairing with a specific phone and actively connected to that phone here)
Can I just take a brand new gotenna mesh out of the box, plug it in USB (red LED goes on) and turn it on (white LEDs start pulsing and eventually turns off) and keep it connected to power like that?
(you can check if the node is actually on by single clicking the power button, the white led should turn on immediately)

follow-up question: is there a developer menu in the app where I can see how many other nodes are in range, and other fun stuff like that?

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@Jelmer goTenna mesh doesn’t have to be paired to any device to act as a relay.
A brand new Mesh device, once powered ON will relay messages it receives.

The best way to check if a nearby recipient is in range or not is to use the Ping feature within Private chats. You can ping someone by clicking on ‘Tap here to ping’ button found below the recipients name in the iOS app private chat window or within the additional options menu on the top right hand corner on the Android app private chat window.

Perfect, so plugging it in and turning it on is all that’s needed :+1:

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@Jelmer Yes!
Once you set it up, do add your Powered ON relay node to!

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:bulb: For devices that are used to relay messages only would it be possible to have the led light flash a different color or even the same white color (i.e 3x) indicating messages have been relayed to other near by devices? Follow up question to the one above, possible to have a indicator to notify message received and waiting to relay?

What happens if message are not able to be relayed and the device is turned off?

@mark Mesh currently doesn’t provide LED feedback for relayed messages, to conserve battery life.
Messages are relayed instantly, hence there will not be scenarios where the device is waiting to relay messages.

To check if the device is ON and active, you could pair it to a phone or send a shout mesaage from a another Mesh device. The relay unit will show LED feedback when a shout message is recieved.

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