Support for multiple Gotennas on app?

I would be willing to bet that a large number of Gotenna Mesh owners are (like myself) repeat customers who also own the first generation VHF Gotennas. And the fact is that the original Gotennas have their advantages over the mesh when it comes to point to point range in the wilderness (where you are unlikely to have others with the Mesh you can bounce off of). The current app only seems to be able to support one Gotenna. In order to switch Gotennas, you must unpair the current Gotenna and re-pair with the other. Given that many owners of the original are now buying the Mesh, but probably don’t want to give up on the original when it is a better choice, might it be possible to update the app so that it can support multiple Gotennas?

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I hear what you’re saying, but I switch units all the time and it’s very simple. Almost not worth mentioning.


Glad to hear you feel that way! We think so too. @StorminMatt we have end-of-lifed v1 — we aren’t making new inventory and have pulled it from retail, and are now only selling through (on our website) what we still have left (less than 200 SKUs at this point!). We will continue to support v1 on the app/firmware side for a bit longer but aren’t dedicating more time to the product beyond that so we can focus on Mesh which we believe is a really next-gen product available to more markets than v1 (just US).

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Don’t get your hopes up but don’t consider this topic entirely dead either. I’ll add this to my list of things to explore after I launch my own app based on the SDK but it will be way at the bottom. I agree with @bkchi and @danielagotenna but at the same time I find your problem interesting when I think about other possible use cases.

It makes me think about a control operator that might be communicating with field personal that have a mix of devices. For legal reasons I don’t think we can automatically repeat communications between the two devices but I don’t see why a control operator couldn’t receive messages from one network and pass on critical information manually. That could be accomplished more quickly in a single app with multiple simultaneously connected devices or the ability to switch between the two quickly. Perhaps a team leader might also be using multiple devices for an intermediate long hop. My current thought process is that the long hops would be accomplished via Amateur radio but a V1 Gotenna option is interesting.

I don’t even have an ETA on my app launch. I have been exploring multiple devices simultaneously connected for testing and mass firmware updates. I have had two devices simultaneously connected to my phone already so I don’t think switching devices should be too difficult. Keep in mind I’m still working on core functionality and this will be a long process.

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