GoTenna thinks I’m in Africa...I’m not

Well, off the coast to be exact. I’m in CONUS. I’ve reset everything I can, have the latest firmware, app, and phone update. I’m using an iPhone 11 Pro.

When I first got my gotenna set up at the end of January it was working properly. It sit unused for about 3 weeks, and when I turned it on it wouldn’t locate me. I let the unit die and recharge. No change.

I paid for the upgrade to pro, and cannot use it at all. I wanted to use my gotenna for some off trail peak bagging, and it completely failed to be used for navigating.

Finally, and this is a small gripe, when switching from metric to imperial units, there is no change. All elevations on the topo are still displayed in meters.

The comms function did work between my wife and my unit when we were out, so that was good.

Any and all help will be appreciated! These are really cool devices that have awesome utility when working properly.

Thank you!

Emailed a few days ago and have not gotten a response. :confused:

I think you mean you upgraded to Plus in your initial post. Pro is a different piece of hardware. With Plus, you can download detailed maps of a specific area, among other things. You may want to try to download a map that includes your current location and see what it shows.

Since you have a newer model phone and this is the first report of this nature here in the mesh community forum I recall, I suspect they are digging around for an answer to this.

The GPS on your phone is what goTenna Mesh uses to locate everything. That doesn’t mean that it’s your phone that’s the problem, but where does it say you are when the goTenna mapping display shows you treading water way off the coast? If you don’t have location sharing turned on in the iPhone 11 to support goTenna, that may be the issue, so try that

I suspect Support is working on this, but haven’t got it resolved yet. I’d drop them another email toward the end of the week just to see what the status of this is if you don’t hear from them before.

Yeah, you’re correct. Plus, it was $10 for topos basically.

I haven’t changed any settings between initial set up and use, and firing it back up again 3 weeks later.

Ok, disregard! I am a moron, or just a Luddite. Or both. Somehow my settings did get changed, though I do not recall doing that manually.

Now my phone and unit are playing nice and it knows where I am. Jeez. Embarrassing lol.

Hopefully I can get back in the woods and redeem myself with a trip report. Thank you.

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Glad you got things adjusted. It gets lonely out there on the high seas all alone, treading water.

Not to be worried about this as the result, and that’s good! There are a few moving parts and it takes a little time to get used to how they all interact, especially when using features for the first time. Happy to be of assistance.