Mesh Node Decal


They can always be converted to magnets.


Something like this maybe?



Not sure if the formatting will come through. All fonts per goTenna usage. Note that all I was trying for was the web link for the goTenna URL as the third line, but the computer took over. I intended just the text.

I do like the more verbose and explanatory notice that wvs reposted. We’ve got a couple up on the sides of our nuzbox, somewhat akin to a Little Library.

You can see the notice holders on the side of the nuzbox that are currently holding the goTenna Mesh notice in this just finished view out the front door of the small plaza we built to make using the nuzbox more inviting. It would seem more targeted to those unaware of what meshing is all about. Still useful.

In addition to that, we have also placed one of the stickers that comes in the box with the new GTMs in the side window of our porch entrance to further reinforce the availability of a mesh signal.

I think we also need something distinct, informational, and discrete that could be applied in many places, too, so it would be a smaller item. Thus my suggestion complementary to others that might be made and is more along the lines of foreseeing use that designates locations where the connection to the mesh is tested and reliable.

For magnets, the flexible magnetic sheeting can be bought or repurposed from other uses of it by simply applying whatever results from this discussion in a sticker form, then trimming around it to suit.


@bbwr10coqsm it didn’t come through. Try, try again?


Hi Daniela,
I was trying for three centered and stacked lines. I hacked at it again and it looks a little more like I envisioned. Hope that makes it clearer.

I also added a second shot which I forgot in my lunchtime rush.

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I think the word “text” should be added in front of “communication” in interest of truth in advertising. At least for me, at my age, when it says “smartPHONE” or “cell PHONE”, the word phone means voice communication. I almost didn’t buy into goTenna when I found, somewhat buried in the original ad copy that it was text only. I am certain that there are people who feel ripped off when, after purchase, they learn it is just text.

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Hi everyone! We brainstormed a few ideas for possible decal content (some options are a little longer than others). We loved the sticker that @santiago2274 made, but want to be sure we can fit all the text on a small / medium-sized sticker.

Would love your thoughts on the content we’ve drafted so far (and choose your favorite of the options below, too!).

      A friendly person installed a goTenna Mesh device nearby to help your community build a people-powered network so you can stay in touch without relying on cell, wifi or even satellites!
      The next communication revolution starts with you. Join now at
      Stationary node nearby.
      Join the communication revolution at
      goTenna Mesh helps your community build a people-powered network without relying on cell, wifi or even satellites!
      Learn more at

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Is this for people who already know about goTenna or new people? Will any of them display a QR code? Maybe the QR code could lead to this info

and have the link “” on that page. I’d rather give the person more info on the goTenna Mesh and how it works than dump them on a map page. I like the middle selection but with a QR code to more info.


QR code could be interesting, but not sure how many people will scan it. I personally have never used a QR code (but I may be unusual!).

We’re thinking that these stickers will largely be encountered by people who don’t know Mesh. In that case, it’s good to give context for what it is in that specific moment / why it’s nearby / how it’s helping the community. Then, give them a call-to-action to learn more.

If this sticker is placed on a lamp post, we don’t want to overburden people with too much text, just enough to get them intrigued and curious


My 2 cents



I think QR codes are used a lot more tha you think and especially among early-adopter communities to whom this will most appeal.

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True! QR code may not work if relay is in area without reception/WiFi, but if we’re also including a link to the website elsewhere on the sticker, I think including a QR code could only be helpful.


I don’t think we should assume these decals will only or even mostly go up in areas without service. I see them being put up in regular areas and near homes all the time.

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I also think people need to see the product. It has a unique look and people don’t know what to make of it. A high quality photo (like the one I posted above) tells a story. “This thing does something?”. There’s a bit of mystery to it that gets people asking questions. Adding a QR code builds on the mystery. If you use goTenna already then you will recognize the photo and think ok there one in the area.

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I’m scanning QR codes all the time. Lots of places have discounts if you show them you scanned their QR code at the front door.


I agree! Visuals will be key to “making it click”.


Hi All,

@sam has been hard at work creating a potential decal. Given the size of the sticker, we had to significantly cut down on text. We plan on having the QR code lead to

Attached is a mock-up (we’d have them in 4 different colors). What do you think?


I like it. Brief, but informational and attractive to the eye.


Love this!! Happy to put some of these around my community (I have a stationary relay node setup).


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Would it be better to have the actual unit a different color from the background? So it “pops” out more?


I agree with you on this!!! I think we should actually have the device appear as a photo so you can tell what it is like in 3D