Mesh Node Decal


Different versions could be useful. Some decals that are just a simple icons with a QR code and website that let folks familiar with it know, without taking too much space. For other areas with even more space, maybe something a little more educational. I dabbled with one of those, but I’m still tweaking it.

Edited to included suggested changes. Thank you!


It’s very nice. I’d go with farther rather than further.


“private and encrypted”


In the suburbs, you’re not going to see those stickers. I’d put them on my truck for sure, but they won’t do much good in a neighborhood.

I would support something like a Bandit sign to display for awhile on fresh nodes just brought online to bring awareness.


But I’d absolutely love to display something like this semi-permanent sign to keep on display at the stationary nodes at all times.



Just wanted to say we’re listening, keep the ideas/discussion on this coming :slight_smile:


I was using my mesh units there a couple of weeks ago. Great idea!


How about a window cling-on for vehicles? Like the ride sharing companies have?
I’d prefer that to a sticker.


In the Geocaching world, you are supposed (:wink:) to get approval from a park authority before you place a cache in a park. Not everyone does it, but you are supposed to do so. Some Cachers have worked with park authorities to also promote geocaching in some of the park literature, or at least to be able to provide third-party literature at park stations.

I say this because I noticed that the node map shows a relay node in a park in my area, and some others have talked about adding coverage to areas such as parks. Would it similarly make sense to work with your local park authorities to ask permission to hang self-powered relay nodes in parks and maybe advertise in park literature and at park stations? I would think that small towns (even “small towns” in dense suburban areas, like Fairfax, VA) might be willing to team up a little – put a few nodes on town buildings and add some content to the town websites.


This is a great idea. We’re planning on placing one or more of the stickers that come with the goTenna in-box around the house. We have a glassed-in front porch with sidelights next to the door where these fit nicely.

But we also have something that is a variation on the Little Library concept out front, our Nuzbox. It offer books, maps, a bench to rest on, and a neighborhood bulletin board. Slapping another sticker or two on it would also be good and be seen by the many people who walk by…

The explanatory hand or notice is another great idea. This will be a good way to advertise our backbone relay node to and from downtown Urbana once it’s up.

However, availability of specific signage for stationary relay nodes would be of real value beyond the small sticker’s capabilities. Having the stationary node terminology on the signage itself would alert knowledgeable goTenna users of the possibility to operate beyond their usual boundaries if they stumble across one this way.


People do not always place things on the map exactly where they live for privacy reason. Someone may have stated the place one in the park as they are near that park and did not want to tag their house.

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@Firqby Right, I thought of that even as I was writing the post. And that may well explain the relay node I saw, but I thought that the concept was still valid. I know that I moved my node to not point at my house… :wink: Good point though! My path home from my work takes me through a series of parks, and I had thought of the idea of a string of breadcrumbs… well, once the hop limit is increased (and my budget increases).


These are in process, by the way. Stay tuned :slight_smile:


Is there a way to buy extra decals, t-shirts, and colored straps?

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Any update on these ideas? I’d like to be able to promote my stationary nodes on nearby light poles or in my front yard. Definitely need a gotenna accessories and banners shop.

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It’s still on our to-do list — to be honest we have been focusing on the major 5.0 update which includes a 100% app UI rehaul and the increase from 3 hops to 6. We’ve been working on that for months and expect that to be out in about 2 months.

I will work with @sam on the decals. We’ll get these out before the ambassador program launches, which we hope to kickstart officially in a month (led by @Kelsey and @anon62894636) . (More here: 6 months in, we’re going local! Sign up to be a neighborhood ambassador)

On extra straps, we had them during the holidays but are sold out now. That being said, we’re designing new swag soon and @anon62894636 always gives some of the T-shirts and stickers we still have at the office to folks who leave us a review on our website or at Amazon or do other cool/nice things to promote the mesh network we’re all building together. (DM her!)

GliderLink - New goTenna app for Android launched!

Hey all! Excited to join this thread. This is a super cool idea. @Kelsey and I are sifting through your thoughts and are putting these designs into motion. We’ll be sharing some of our ideas back with you super soon.

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Hi everyone! Kelsey from goTenna here. As @sam mentioned, we’re brainstorming what kind of decals/stickers/signage could be most useful.

As Mesh experts, what do you want to see? What are your must haves? We’re building these for you and want to ensure they meet your needs (and wildest dreams too :slight_smile: )


I’m not sure of the form factor or size but I do like this one.

What ever gets selected, will they be stickers, magnets or both?

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I love the info included their too!

Would stickers / magnets / both make the most sense for your usage?

CC @sam


Stickers make most sense as magnets can easily be stolen. Also not every person will have a metal place to place them on. Let’s keep it simple.