Mesh Node Decal


Perhaps we can promote the Gotenna Mesh by promoting the availability of a node in an area with a sticker or pamplet.

LAS VEGAS, NV goTenna Mesh REPEATER Now Active!

Sound so like a plan, I’m sure folks that own vinyl cutting machines will start to get creative. #MobileMesh #MeshMobile, “MESH HERE” for node sites and businesses. How about a cartoon person shouting out the GoTenna WW logo? To represent the shout feature? That’d make for a cool T-shirt too.


I love this idea. How many of you with stationary nodes would put up decals / stickers like this? We could make some for you!


I would!
In december we are going to install the first node at a radio tower site. Followed by an ham radio repeater site.
Goal is to bring awareness to the hikers entering Los Paders National Park, residents and guest in Ojai Valley.


I would do the same, basically with the same idea as RogerOrange.


I would. Maybe not in the exact location as the stationary node for OpSec reasons but I would put it up somewhere.


Count me in, Make one that has the Gotenna Mission and website to place on stationary solar sights


Anywhere where the mesh is available starting at the edges of reception.


Would be nice to include/embed a small qr code in the design so people not in the know can scan and get educated!

Traffic light poles at busy intersections, within range, would be great spots to place them. I get a kick out of reading them at red lights.



In my experience, no one knows what a QR code is. It was big for a little bit but then kind of died off. Website might just be better because everyone knows what a URL means.


I think what limited the QR code is that phones still do not natively read them. You need a 3rd party app to decode one. With the proliferation of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, there might be a second wind for QR codes (as wallet apps rely on them to quickly enter the receiving address).

My Mesh units came with GoTenna Mesh stickers. Maybe there could be some variation of them to advertise areas that are covered by stationary nodes.

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Bitcoin is proliferated in the circles who already know what a QR code is.

We want the general iPhone-wielding consumer who just has an iPhone because her friends all have one to get a goTenna. Once that happens, we’ll see the potential for goTenna mesh truly materialize


Just checked, my iPad identifies qr codes in standard camera mode and asks if I want to launch, no apps. Come to think of it, the goTenna is one of the few things I have bought lately that didn’t come with a qr code.

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I’d be down for one! Need to get the word out here in Japan! (Military Duty) the right hashtag can be very powerful these days!


I would be down for this. I may not be able to use it because of the building I’m hoping to put it up in, but there are other locations where I could see it being used. This would be especially useful for temporary event relay setups.

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Hang pamphlets/stickers at the ranger stationd where park visitors stop for info and permits.
Coffee shop pinboards, etc


Keep in mind that a mesh access point can be reached over a long distance. Think about advertising the availability of the network were people might want to access it.


I have a 24/7 node at 60 ft. on solar with external antenna.
Fort pierce, FL.


I’d like two for each of the four units I bought. Each unit will be paired with a phone, always moving with its human.
For example, I’m thinking I’d hang the decal in my cubicle at work (while working), and in my car (when when driving).
Since (even for paired units) having the gotenna simply plugged in (or charged) and on makes it relay messages for others in the mesh, this would make sense, true?

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Yes please! Powered relay node up 24/7. This region currently has no real coverage!