Mesh Node Decal


Great feedback everyone! We will take another look at our designs and incorporate your thoughts.

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I still like my layout

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Time for a color vote! What do you love?

  • Purple
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Orange

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I really like the layout of these. Short and simple!


When are these shipping?! And how do we sign up?


Blue (background) looks great!


Hey everyone! If you’d like a Mesh Decal, please fill out the form here. We’ll begin shipping shortly.

Once you’ve placed the decals on your stationary nodes-- post pics! Don’t forget to share them with the world on Facebook and Twitter with the hashtags #imeshyou #meshatwork

Let your community know your node is there to support the people powered network!


‪Recently received some cool stickers to help promote Gotenna Mesh! I plan on sticking them around various California SF Bay Area cities. ‬


Those look great! Hoping some will appear here. :wink:


I will do it if is still available :sunglasses:


DM @anon62894636 and she’ll get you sorted! :slight_smile:

Notice to anyone else reading this thread: these decals are still available, just DM Virginia if you’d like some! Come back and share where/how you use them!


Got the Mesh at Work decals today. The first one went up on the nuzbox out front of the location of UMESH 1.


Perhaps a quicker/inexpensive way to disseminate the stickers is through use of this Avery label product. I’m in the process of trying it out with one of the larger sized sticker sheets for another unrelated project. But if @anon62894636 can provide us the raw artwork we can print and stick these up ourselves.


Love this idea! Let’s do it.

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It looks like you can create a design at and then download the PDF to send to people to be able to print on their own stickers. I think I need to let it dry longer. My first label I stuck to the wall rubbed off a bit. Let me see if the next label is any better.


My wife, Maiko, loves her Avery labels. That one looks interesting and should hold up well as it’s water resistant, etc, although it says it’s not for outdoor use.

I know the ones they sent seem really rugged and, I suspect, are waterproof. In fact, testing that right now in the hurricane rain, as I applied one to the back of the Meshmobile last night in prepping to park at today’s football game. The truck has only been out in the rain for the last 1” or so of the 4+” of rain so far, but it’s plenty wet out there. This decal is doing fine.


I would. Maybe a sticker with a few extra words as explanation, so it doesn’t look like I promote my favorite sneakers?