Mesh 5.0 is here!


cant see device paired
gotenna show blinks lights
i wish someone post something to help all that stress on updates


Any chance we could get confirmation from staff @VirginiagoTenna ?

on Mesh 5.0 or 5.0.1, 5.0.2, will Emergency SOS beacon messages hop and SMS relay to 911 if cell service is available on any of those 6 hops?

It should be a trivial matter to allow addressing (or implied addressing) for emergency shouts -> clearly they are going to 911. If 911 is problematic, perhaps a private, third party, like GEOS? Perhaps Gotenna could get this additional revenue stream of offering GEOS medevac or SAR insurance like Spot(Globalstar) or Garmin Inreach (Iridium) do… only $17 a year. My concern is that this is being sold to technologically unsophisticated users. If, for example, an elderly senior with dementia, triggers this, thinking that it might bring help… we should probably do all we can to make sure he has a fighting chance at getting the message through to emergency services.

If we know his GPS, surely we can at least try to forward this to the right people rather than just hopping gotenna to gotenna and hoping that someone may help.


With both Emergency Shouts and the SOS Beacon, there is no addressing or encryption, it goes out in the clear set to relay up to the maximum hop count. A dispatch center would be able to pick these up, but needs a goTenna Mesh to do so. The SOS Beacon provides a GPS location in its message format, but the user needs to add location info if doing a Emergency Shout.

The lack of addressing is necessary in both cases, because otherwise the protocol on GTM is to operate between specific addresses. If addressing for emergency modes was implemented, then users would need to enter the address of the local 911 dispatch center and change that manually when they go to another jurisdiction. That would result in a lower level of service


For an Emergency SOS broadcast (Mesh v 5.0), I don’t think encryption is always necessary, neither is explicit addressing. Clearly, when someone NEEDS help, there’s two sources: (1) the closest gotenna user; and (2) 911 / GEOS SAR. At the protocol level, all Gotenna messages append a user-hidden GPS location (as part of the network discovery and routing) IIRC - so explicitly providing this is not necessary either. There seems to be a disconnect here. Providing ANY level of service or even just a fighting chance is all we are trying for - not demanding perfection.
My question is more directed to Support Staff @VirginiagoTenna et al. I’m having trouble finding documentation on v 5.0 5.0.1 and 5.0.2 … will SMS relay be attempted if possible on an emergency shout or SOS Beacon?


I think you’re not reading carefully here. There is NO encryption of emergency messages. This is by design so that all users within reach of the message will receive it.

The user can choose to append their GPS location or not, but it’s not automatically part of any message except the SOS Beacon AFAIK. Specifically, GPS is not used for routing. “Routing” implies some sort of server or other means to determine the path of the message, but it is instead “routed” by RF reception. When there are multiple paths available, it’s a matter of which gets there first in terms of the signal, not some other means.


No, I completely agree, my statement was in response to your mention of encryption. I don’t believe it is necessary or relevant when using the Mesh v5.0 5.0.1 or 5.0.2 Emergency Beacon SOS or Emergency Shout (or even just vanilla shout).

Yes, I agree, on the user-facing app, the user can choose to send location (or not to be visible by other users.)
There’s always going to be a bit of a guessing game with a closed source product. Separate from that user selection, from what I’ve read on Aspen grove (Gotenna home-rolled mesh routing protocol) they append a gps location (if available) to ALL messages that go out or that are repeated. While this isn’t seen by the recipient (or sender) it may be employed for selective routing (or to build a neighbor node list) for private messages rather than promiscuous flood - to ensure viability of the commons type purposes. * I MAY be wrong - but this is my best recollection from what I’ve read.

So, I’m hopeful to find out whether Mesh v 5.0, 5.0.1, or 5.0.2 will SMS relay (for gotenna plus paid subscribers) to 911 or GEOS or Gotenna? Is there any backhauling of these emergency SOS messages? Or if they are just discarded by the 6th node like a hot potato. To be more clear, I’m wondering, IF any of the n, n+1, … n+6 nodes that receive an emergency SOS message (if they have wifi or cellular data) will employ the Twillio SMS relay to make a best-effort attempt at sending the sos message to 911 or GEOS or Gotenna?


taking all the benefits of the new firmware that are many I would like to see solved the problems that the same brought our gotennas. at this time of the two that I have only one is working. I have now tested tb on android and do not even do pairing. although it appears in the list of Bluetooth devices dfutarg. of all the enthusiasm I had before acquiring them I feel a little sad with no solutions to solve the bug. it continues to blink as it was to pair and the iphone shows firmware update "we are putting the finishing touches on your firmware update … …
but it does not pass this. I hope someone has solved it since he has read several solutions but until date no


@VirginiagoTenna Can you assist me with resetting device as well? I’ve paired 4 of 5 without issue, but one had two firmware fails. When I turn it on, it goes to a fast blink (probably 4-5 blinks per second) and will no longer pair to allow follow-on firmware update attempts.


Plus Lou, et al,
Have you sent Virginia a message at her contact info as listed earlier in this thread? If not, do that, but if already sent, then she is just backlogged a little, This thread is a good example.

Look at all the issues that have been addressed, it has been an on-the-run marathon since the 5.0 release. Remember she also needs to work with production, customer service, developers, etc to get things fixed. If she has your message, she is helping others, then I’m sure she will get things solved for you. Thanks for your patience and be assured better weekends with your goTenna Mesh are just ahead.

In the meantime, reading this thread through carefully if you haven’t done that may yield an answer sooner. At this point in the release, most significant issues have been identified if not yet solved. For more and more people who come by for help, getting the OS pinned down and verifying that they have taken proper steps to isolate and identify the relevant issues to get things up and going solves most issues. Very few of the units affected actually need anything beyond a good firmware update and that will happen with everyone’s cooperation.


so you say to sit here and wait,ok i will


@Cardinal I think you and I are going to be waiting a while :wink:


@MeiGuoRen you guys already filled out the form and contacted support, right? Most of us had a very quick response.


Weird. Yeah. I filled out the form on the day 5.0 launched. Like a week a go? Last Friday? No response yet unfortunately. 3 AA12341234, one bricked unit, not sure of serial… won’t turn on (though red charging light illuminates while charging… no more white lights), and one unit MX? that did update but got stuck in an Emergency SOS Beacon mode Tx’ing beacon text every 30 seconds or so - that one seems to be working ok now though.

Still no official confirmation whether Gotenna Plus subscription will enable Emergency SOS Beacon with 911 or GEOS relay over their Twilio sms text relay. Very curious to know this before new hurricanes. I went ahead and bought the subscription. At $9 it’s a no brainer!

Any good word @VirginiagoTenna ?
Thanks in advance.


I see there was another form for AA12341234 serials right after problems started cropping up, but that’s not the form I meant. The one you should fill out is in this other post. The AA12341234 issue was fixed with an app update. The ones that got disabled had MX or GD serials, that’s probably one of yours. You can also contact them by email, but I’m sure Virginia will answer sooner rather than later.


Thanks! I appreciate the help. #Community


More like two weeks ago. If you filled it out the day after release (and I’m not sure which form you filled out as there isn’t a form at first just a note to DM Virginia in this thread, maybe somewhere else on the website?), it got lost or sidetracked somewhere. Check message 209 above for the form that should be used.

Resend a message to the contacts Virginia listed in message 227 just to be certain she has your info.

On the SMS relay, I assume it works as before for the most part. Since I haven’t used it, I was wondering myself, so looked up some more info that may get you started with the pre-existing SMS relay.I wouldn’t expect less capability, but there could be some changes with the update to 5.0

goTenna plus SMS via internet?

SMS Relay Question

There is also some discussion of SMS relay in this more general troubleshooting thread:

After reading these and poking around in things in the App, I’m still not sure exactly where to start with setting one of these up. There is the info about setting up as a stationary relay in the App, but doesn’t seem to refer to SMS. I think I need to seek more knowledge here.


need to buy more two gotenna


Thanks for the feedback! It’s greatly appreciated.


Hi Everyone! Sorry for any delay! I just responded to every message in my DMs-- so take a look for some additional help if you messaged me.

In the meantime, anyone else who might need ad hoc support or troubleshooting should email or send me a DM!


Check your DMs :wink: thanks for messaging me!