Mesh 5.0 is here!


Is there a new user-manual or FAQ that may have detailed information on the new 5.0 features?


@VirginiagoTenna how about an update on the replacements for those who filled out the form? Do you have a rough estimate of when the replacements will ship?


Glad to provide an update! We’ve made a lot of headway in sending out replacements. From the sheet, only ~15 users have entries left for replacement. I’m looking to have those completed/confirmed between today and tomorrow. All updates for those are being sent via email!


There is an updated manual for 5.0 on the way! Do you have any features that you have questions about?

Emergency Beacon?
6 hops?


Yes Ma’am, exactly! Thank you.
And SMS relay (particularly in conjunction with Emergency Beacon or Emergency Shout).
Thank you for the help. I appreciate it.



The emergency beacon is a feature that existed for v1 that we’re now supporting for Mesh. Within Settings > Emergency Settings > Emergency Beacon, you can create a unique emergency message. When the beacon is activated, this message will transmit to all users within range (and relay range, up to 6 hops!) until the transmitting goTenna Mesh runs out of battery or is powered off. These messages are not relayed via the SMS relay goTenna Plus feature.


Thank you for the prompt response. Are we 100% sure about this? If all n+1…n+6 devices have internet and phone access… an Emergency Shout or Emergency SOS Beacon will still NOT sms relay to 911?

Last question: as @MikeL has suggested, then the proper action to try to get help would be to: (1) signup for Gotenna Plus sms relay; (2) save your local hearing-impaired 911 sms number before your trip (or storm) and then (3) initiate a standard private gotenna message to that local 911 number and (4) include your gps location manually? If there’s anything you can do to make this more idiot-proof for future users, I’d appreciate it. We have a lot of elderly seniors here - and it’s hard enough explaining how to use Gotenna already :wink:

I appreciate the response and earnest consideration. I’m sorry if I come off rude; it’s not my intention.
Check your 911 locations here:


See my response in the other thread! :sunglasses:


Hey everyone! All replacements submitted via the form have been processed as of yesterday. If there are any outstanding requests, please let me know by emailing


just contact by dm i hope im in the batch to
or i need to fill the form? @VirginiagoTenna


Sent you a message :slight_smile:


I set a contact to “Auto-accept Location Requests” then logged out of the app and generated a random GID. That contact was no longer listed in “GOTENNA CONTACTS” but when I opened their contact entry in DEVICE CONTACTS" Auto-accept was still checked.

Does that property get stored directly into the device phone book, or is the goTenna app not clearing those out?


Just got my four pack today. Was previously assured that all the update issues were with old goTenna mesh hardware.

Bricked my first update. Using latest software on update iPhone. This is product is not ready for prime time. None of the fixes worked. Now been trying to pair for about two hours with repeated diaglogs that the “gotenna has disconnected.” POJ in my opinion. Terribly manual. Selling product hoping that the updates will work so they can cut their losses I suspect. Tired of the comments about people having to send one more of their unitis back because they were “bad.”


I’m not getting any option to update the firmware. I purchased a two pack a long time ago and thought i lost them during my move to a new house. Found them and paired one of the units. There are NO instructions in the box and no setup videos or help. Geez.
Current firmware is 0.13.35 and App version 5.02. I’m using iPhone 7 plus on 11.4.1
I don’t see any “update firmware” options in Settings/About.
Since I can’t find any instructions, are both units supposed to be paired to one phone?


I clicked on chats in the app and I got a pop up message
“This firmware upgrade is not applicable for your unit. Please contact goTenna support for further details”


Hi Ron,
Sorry to hear that things didn’t work out of the box for you. They will get these going for you, see message #209 and others for @VirginiagoTenna contact info or use this link here. But first have you tried any of the others? That way you’ll know if you have any others needing extra assistance and can get this taken care of at once.

Even with problem ones, they do not for the most part have to go back. I’ve been through 14 and had only 3 that I couldn’t resolve and went back. In any case, you’ll end up with 4 working units, there isn’t any “hoping” involved about the updates working. They do, in fact, quite well. I was just stopping by with another reception report when I saw your note.

I had to stop by one of the tenants I help take care of to get the internet working again. It’s the duplex I worked on rehabbing last year that originally inspired me to build UMESH, our local mesh network. It is roughly 3/4 mile away from our home relay across light to medium density urban terrain. Under the old firmware, it was rather hit or miss to reach home, since it could take no more than 3 hops to do so. There’s a relay nearby at a friend’s location a block away and one in between our place and it that isn’t really well located but it’s what we have. Often it couldn’t make it with the old firmware, because the way things were arranged was a little iffy.

With the 5.0 working in our favor, my first message to her with an attached location took 4 nodes (5 hops). She replied back in just 1 nodes (2 hops). Then my reply went via 2 nodes (3 hops), where it settled in reliably. I’m quite satisfied with this sort of reliability increase.


I suspect those units may be too ancient for the 5.0.2 updated user interface on your phone to update. Contact @VirginiagoTenna and she should have a solution for you.

No, you can only pair to one phone at a time. The other can be for a friend or family member or can be used as a stationary relay.


sorry to sound dumb but how do I go about contacting @VirginiagoTenna


Just click the link thingee with her name and it will bring up a card that includes a button to send her a message.


After continuiong to work on the one unit for several hours…finally, having done nothing different, the unit finished the firmware update. I’m not happy about this still. I won’t be purchasing anymore units though and I won’t be recommending either until these ship WORKING first. I don’t like being the guinea pig.