Mesh 5.0 is here!


Thanks, Mike and Virginia!

I can confirm that the IOS 5.02 app allows AA12341234 devices to be manually upgraded to the latest firmware. One of my two affected devices is now upgrading.

Note that I was again not prompted to auto-update firmware.


Thanks for noting this!

In order to launch the firmware update on AA12341234 devices, you’ll need to do so from Settings.

You can update firmware by:

  1. Opening the goTenna app
  2. Select Settings
  3. Select About
  4. You’ll see a blue button to update firmware, tap that button.


Android gotenna v5.0.1 updated my AA12341234 mesh unit. I am now up to 10 gotenna mesh units updated. I have two more left which I’ll get to tomorrow if I can’t get to them today.


Despite the hiccups getting updated, how does the new firmware actually perform?



First of my AA12341234 devices is under the knife right now. It’s going rapidly, only 3 minutes left, but this is on a device that has version of 5.0 on it already.


I have been way busy over the last week, so haven’t had 1.1.8 out much yet. Based on testing experience, you should find the extra hops quite beneficial. Prior to 5.0, we could not reach from one end of the local mesh to the other, too far, too many hops. Now, the whole network is accessible from any spot you have reception.

I’ve seen 5 hops, but not too often. The message usually makes it across locally in 4 hops or less. In fact, our first across the network test yielded a Confirmed connection on the first message in 4 hops. A replay was sent that only took 3 hops. Then a followup reply from the same spot brought a 2-hop Confirmed message! I know we have more hops, but it seems like the extra capability, in a sense, made the mesh “smarter,” too. This also bodes well for the performance of an expanded network.


are your relays also updated? or just the start and end point?


My two AA12341234 GTMs have successfully updated using the IOS 5.02 app. So, now I’m 6 for 6 successful upgrades using IOS. The upgrades themselves went off without a hitch, taking the expected ~25 minutes per device.


Except for one, all had the 5.0 beta test firmware installed already. Just the home node so far, which seemed to take matters into it’s own hands somehow, went to 1.1.8. I should get a few more Friday and hope to have confirmed them all at 1.1.8 over the weekend.


interesting, I was just curious if non 1.1.8 GTs would care about hopes or just rebroadcast it. so the hop limitation is on the send and or the receive device.


the 5.0 or 5.02 is just the app version correct? the actual GT firmware is listed as 1.1.8?


The message hop counter is set first at its originating/sending device. I think what happens is as long as the relay stills see at least one hop available after subtracting its increment, it forwards.


That’s about right. I think that 5.02 covers everything from previous versions, so would expect that’s probably what people are being offered now in the App store. They all have shown as 1.1.8 when installed.

#198 :-/ failed the update and now wont pair.


Is this an AA device?


yes, and im adding more words to get to 20 to respond


Working on my 4th out of 5 AA12341234s right now. Other than the first, they are taking a little less than 30 minutes each for the firmware update and install due to them still being in some version of 4.0.


GOTENNA iOS version 5.02. Very nice GoTenna. Was not expecting a rapid turnaround to get these pesky AA12341234 Ones updated to v1.1.8. One gave me a little trouble, but after waiting a bit through the be patient window, it updated.



Continuing from my post here: Failed firmware update from GoTenna 5.01 iOS

I have tried to use the new GoTenna version 5.02 for iOS on both my iPhone 6 and iPhone X, both running iOS 11.4.1. With this particular GoTenna Mesh device, the iOS app says “putting finishing touches on the firmware”, then crashes. I have power-cycled the phones, removed & reinstalled the GoTenna app, and power-cycled the GoTenna Mesh. I feel that I’m of options. Please advise.


Catching up some, but found right at the beginning where Virginia warned about turning off all the goTennas “within range” to facilitate this special update that will make everyone’s life easier in the future. I suspect this is Bluetooth range and that would perhaps account for how the home node here updated “automatically” because I didn’t bother crawling up there to it off.