Mesh 5.0 is here!

@Cardinal I think you and I are going to be waiting a while :wink:

@MeiGuoRen you guys already filled out the form and contacted support, right? Most of us had a very quick response.


Weird. Yeah. I filled out the form on the day 5.0 launched. Like a week a go? Last Friday? No response yet unfortunately. 3 AA12341234, one bricked unit, not sure of serial… won’t turn on (though red charging light illuminates while charging… no more white lights), and one unit MX? that did update but got stuck in an Emergency SOS Beacon mode Tx’ing beacon text every 30 seconds or so - that one seems to be working ok now though.

Still no official confirmation whether Gotenna Plus subscription will enable Emergency SOS Beacon with 911 or GEOS relay over their Twilio sms text relay. Very curious to know this before new hurricanes. I went ahead and bought the subscription. At $9 it’s a no brainer!

Any good word @anon62894636 ?
Thanks in advance.

I see there was another form for AA12341234 serials right after problems started cropping up, but that’s not the form I meant. The one you should fill out is in this other post. The AA12341234 issue was fixed with an app update. The ones that got disabled had MX or GD serials, that’s probably one of yours. You can also contact them by email, but I’m sure Virginia will answer sooner rather than later.


Thanks! I appreciate the help. #Community

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More like two weeks ago. If you filled it out the day after release (and I’m not sure which form you filled out as there isn’t a form at first just a note to DM Virginia in this thread, maybe somewhere else on the website?), it got lost or sidetracked somewhere. Check message 209 above for the form that should be used.

Resend a message to the contacts Virginia listed in message 227 just to be certain she has your info.

On the SMS relay, I assume it works as before for the most part. Since I haven’t used it, I was wondering myself, so looked up some more info that may get you started with the pre-existing SMS relay.I wouldn’t expect less capability, but there could be some changes with the update to 5.0

goTenna plus SMS via internet?

SMS Relay Question

There is also some discussion of SMS relay in this more general troubleshooting thread:

After reading these and poking around in things in the App, I’m still not sure exactly where to start with setting one of these up. There is the info about setting up as a stationary relay in the App, but doesn’t seem to refer to SMS. I think I need to seek more knowledge here.

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need to buy more two gotenna

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Thanks for the feedback! It’s greatly appreciated.

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Hi Everyone! Sorry for any delay! I just responded to every message in my DMs-- so take a look for some additional help if you messaged me.

In the meantime, anyone else who might need ad hoc support or troubleshooting should email or send me a DM!


Check your DMs :wink: thanks for messaging me!

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Is there a new user-manual or FAQ that may have detailed information on the new 5.0 features?

@anon62894636 how about an update on the replacements for those who filled out the form? Do you have a rough estimate of when the replacements will ship?


Glad to provide an update! We’ve made a lot of headway in sending out replacements. From the sheet, only ~15 users have entries left for replacement. I’m looking to have those completed/confirmed between today and tomorrow. All updates for those are being sent via email!


There is an updated manual for 5.0 on the way! Do you have any features that you have questions about?

Emergency Beacon?
6 hops?


Yes Ma’am, exactly! Thank you.
And SMS relay (particularly in conjunction with Emergency Beacon or Emergency Shout).
Thank you for the help. I appreciate it.

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The emergency beacon is a feature that existed for v1 that we’re now supporting for Mesh. Within Settings > Emergency Settings > Emergency Beacon, you can create a unique emergency message. When the beacon is activated, this message will transmit to all users within range (and relay range, up to 6 hops!) until the transmitting goTenna Mesh runs out of battery or is powered off. These messages are not relayed via the SMS relay goTenna Plus feature.

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Thank you for the prompt response. Are we 100% sure about this? If all n+1…n+6 devices have internet and phone access… an Emergency Shout or Emergency SOS Beacon will still NOT sms relay to 911?

Last question: as @MikeL has suggested, then the proper action to try to get help would be to: (1) signup for Gotenna Plus sms relay; (2) save your local hearing-impaired 911 sms number before your trip (or storm) and then (3) initiate a standard private gotenna message to that local 911 number and (4) include your gps location manually? If there’s anything you can do to make this more idiot-proof for future users, I’d appreciate it. We have a lot of elderly seniors here - and it’s hard enough explaining how to use Gotenna already :wink:

I appreciate the response and earnest consideration. I’m sorry if I come off rude; it’s not my intention.
Check your 911 locations here:

See my response in the other thread! :sunglasses:

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Hey everyone! All replacements submitted via the form have been processed as of yesterday. If there are any outstanding requests, please let me know by emailing


just contact by dm i hope im in the batch to
or i need to fill the form? @anon62894636