INTRODUCTIONS: Who are you & why are you here? :)


I’m James, I’m here because I read an article about how GoTenna Mesh devices were being used in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Irma. I bought a two pack and I’m looking at building a GoTenna network with some throwaway cell endpoints for outbound text messaging.


My name is Kevin Douglas Berg and I was born a coal miner’s daughter =P No seriously, you invited me and it looked pretty cool and tada, here i is. Been everything except a butcher, baker, candlestickmaker, published Poet, Author, Social Media Company Co-Founder.

That is all for now =)

I wish you all the best rock and roll,



Hi my name is Bob Wilmes. I live near Bennington Nebraska. I am posting as an entry in the Labor Day Gotenna contest.


Im here because i love the GoTenna product but can never afford it.


Hi there. I’m Trent. My family and I love our gotennas. Trying to talk friends into buying in as well. We live in a rural area with crappy cell service and spend a lot of time in the “bush” climbing, hiking, paddling. Gotenna gives us the ability to be connected when we are out deep.


Heard about GoTenna from Randy Propster (Backpacker Magazine) when he came to Nashville. I love the outdoors and back country hiking. Should be a good fit for GoTenna.


They are water resistant. Can take a splash but not submersible.


Hi Steve,
They aren’t waterproof, but they are water-resistant. They do fine out in the rain, but actuall underwater for more the a short time could leak a little. They are welded together, but the power/USB input is the weak spot. There is a rubber plug over it, so it won’t flood in. Should be OK unless you’re into serious whitewater.



I’m a full-time traveler, so I don’t have a home base to post on the map. Interesting concept to post where you were, but why not have an automatic way of posting where you are currently ?



Agent Smith here from Maryland. Just getting into this mesh stuff.


I am interested in the gotenna. I am a ham and like the concept of alternate communication networks. I am concerned that the density necessary for a functioning regional gotenna network is pretty high and would only be possible with several orders of magnitude more users. When I look at the coverage map, it seems like very few areas have anything remotely close to the density necessary. Fon was an interesting idea, but the 10m active users was hard to obtain and maintain.
Has anyone established a long term functioning network over a large area?


Andy here. I haven’t purchased yet but if contacted customer support for some info. I need communication for my cabin property where we don’t have cell service and cheap hand held radios don’t work. I’m still researching but I like what I see so far.


Hi I’m Dash in Texas. My mom got us the GoTennas for a gift since we are avid international travelers and back country backpackers. The topo maps have saved our butts once or twice! We really appreciated having the added safety in the backcountry.

I guess I could leave one on as a relay at home? :woman_shrugging:


There is one in Champaign-Urbana with 6 nodes I think.

I’m in the process of building out here in Indy. I have 3 so far within a 1km circle. I’m hoping to add another one or two here pretty soon. My problem is I’m doing this out of my own pocket so I’m limited with how many devices I can give out. And I’m trying to place with local businesses with the hope they can at least monitor the mesh unit and make sure it is powered up and running every business day. And secured businesses too where the chance of the mesh unit being stolen is diminished.

I’m a ham too and one of the fundamental things about these units is the higher placement the better they work in terms of distance. So that further limits the types of businesses as I want those that can place these as high as possible and not at ground level.


@rearden & @aspexin you guys should take this conversation to the Urbana thread! @MikeL Can provide you some great insight into his setup.


That is nice that you now have 3 units with in 1km. Strategically placed that could give reasonable coverage.
I looked on the map and there is only one mobile unit within a 20+ mile radius of my location and i live in the suburbs not a rural area. It would be nice to have a less expensive stationary node with high gain antenna for the purposes of building out a network.

An ability to tunnel through the internet would be interesting, but I imagine that the protocol/use case is not suited for that at all.


Hello My name is David, I have followed GoTenna from the 1st Kickstarter campaign. Regretfully I just have not had the extra funds to make a purchase yet. Think these would be great for when camping or in large crowds when cell towers are over loaded. Hope to win a set, or eventually have the extra funds.



Hello everyone,

Have mentioned this elsewhere in the community forums, my name is Dave, W6TUX, retired in East San Diego County. A couple weeks ago, saw a video by Josh, KI6NAZ on YouTube and had to investigate:

Now up to 4 units and expect to raise one, (unmodified), 60+ ft in a Pelican case with Solar Panel as a fixed relay this weekend.

73, dave


Mark here. I’m a amateur radio operator, and just enjoy different techs. I have used GMRS, FRS and ham radios in lieu of the cell phone, and this is a cool tool.

The YL and myself, and the kids, like to hike and camp as well, and this would be a fun tool to test out. If I get a tower actually put up on my property, I would like to put one of these up to act as a relay as well, though the density of my area is low so It’s not a priority.

I will eventually get some for the kids also, as a tool for their backpacks at school and when they’re out.


Brandon Here. I’d like to learn more about mesh networks. I live in an area with poor to no cell phone service. Looking to see if this is a viable option to keep in touch with each other. We also hike regularly.