INTRODUCTIONS: Who are you & why are you here? :)


So I have an old school GoTenna and love it! I’m trying to decide if a GoTenna Mesh is necessary for me. I would use it to keep in touch with my husband while camping/fishing.


lots of new people today :stuck_out_tongue:


I am here because I love the idea of gotenna and want to win one so I can try out and see if out is a good fit for my family!


Interested in Mesh tech as a potentail (inevitable?) disaster tool. I also go deep in the forest looking for stuff. I’m also a frugal broke joke and am trying my luck at winning a pair before I buy…


I’m interested in learning more about GoTenna and using MESH networks. I’m interested in disaster preparedness and backwoods usage of these systems. Thanks!!


Looks like an email promotion went out to win a Mesh 2 pack.


Interested in the product, I’m old enough I’m used to being off the grid bhut gotenna is intriguing


Density isn’t as critical if you can get a few up high enough. Aircraft to ground stations have achieved 61 miles range between gotennas. I’ve personally achieved 29.6 miles from a mountain peak down to a base camp.

If more private pilots and boater installed them on their planes and boats as well as ham clubs installing them on repeater towers & moutain peaks then long hops could be regularly achieved.

Solar powered always on relay units in cars and on roofs of homes would also be useful.


Leaving one on all the time in relay mode at home is a great idea.

If you are able to I recommend a cheap waterproof case & solar panel mounted on your roof.


Salutations. I’m joining the community for the atmosphere and insight. I’ve been wanting to experience the possibilities of the mobile meshing technology personally for a while. The only reason that I haven’t jumped on the wagon is that I hardly come across scenarios where I can use them for frequent periods of time. For now I just ask and read around, sourcing from individuals that I know have an active outdoor lifestyle.


My pen name is rohanjcp. I bought the device so that I can keep in touch with the mrs. if the shtf. I hope to test the device soon.


Howdy! New around these specific parts, but have had GoTennas (V1) for a year and a half now, mostly for if/when shtf, so I can communicate with my SO without the need of cell towers. I’m fairly curious about the GoTenna mesh’s, and how much better they are compared to the V1’s, and may make the jump to them at some point down the road.


I’d like to win my first 2 units. Then, add to them!


Hey everyone! Kingsley here.
Been hanging out in Nebraska my entire life. Always wanted to get me & my kids on the mesh, but haven’t been able to afford it yet. Every year we camp on the Niobrara River & there is ZERO service up there! Someday hopefully!


Hi All…Any outlets in South Africa where I can buy goTenna’s?


Here because I’ve got a personal and professional interest in mesh networks. AZ resident.


I’m an original Kickstarter backer and have two goTenna units. I am also an amateur radio operator (a.k.a. ham operator). Located in the Halifax area of Nova Scotia, Canada. I’m here for a chance at the goTenna giveaway promotion. :wink:


I’m a ham radio operator and I believe in bottom up networks. I’m an original GoTenna backer and I own both.


My husband talked me into getting a ham license and now has me using goTenna mesh also.


Dave/W6TUX & Heidi/W6HPY at this end. :wink: :+1: