INTRODUCTIONS: Who are you & why are you here? :)


Jersey Bill here. Looking forward to this alternate decentralized mesh.


In sunny (for a change) England. Looking at off grid comms for trail running and Ultras. This seems like a great idea in many ways. Just need a bigger take up in the UK. Tenna is on my list of possible buys. Convince me folks :slight_smile:


Hi, I’m Hoshnasi on Youtube creator of the ham radio crash course. I’m a big proponent of mesh networking and I’ll hopefully be getting some time soon to put some work into my powered node to increase its range.



Hello everybodypeeps!

I live in bonny Scotland, and when I look at the map, I am not impressed with the lack of goTenna Mesh nodes here.

Hopefully I can do something about that.

Also, I don’t see any discussion of Holochain on here; another interest of mine which I am hoping I can combine with goTenna Mesh expansion.

WTF is holochain?

Glad you asked!

The mainstream media might have convinced you that Bitcoin and the blockchain are the future, but they are wrong. Blockchain is the past, it is a 9–10 year old technology, and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are based on mimicking our existing corrupt finance system. Bitcoin is a system of gambling and storing value, not a system of value creation or community engagement. Holochain enables humanity and our devices to participate in a post-monetary society that values merit, contribution, community, and service to others. It is a system designed for both data integrity and personal integrity.

Holochain is a much more efficient alternative to blockchain. It functions very much like a blockchain without bottlenecks when it comes to enforcing validation rules, but is designed to be fully distributed with each node only needing to hold a small portion of the data instead of everything needing a full copy of a global ledger.

This makes it feasible to run blockchain-like applications on devices as lightweight as mobile phones.

So now you can see why I am exited about the combination of goTenna Mesh and Holochain.



hi i’m also in England in the Norfolk area, the more that take the leap now the quicker the network will grow.


I’m in Oakland and grew up on Kauai. I went through hurricane Iniki and have seen first-hand the chaos that comes with an emergency. My dad is a HAM radio operator but he’s in Hawaii and the rest of my family is in SoCal. After seeing the absolute chaos after a simple baseball game at Oakland Colliseum, with buses trying to shuttle hundreds of people who were shoulder to shoulder and all the confusion, I had a clear vision of what it would be like in a disaster and wanted no part of it.
I have a gotenna to reach my teenager if anything happens. I am hoping to meet other locals who are prepared to Bug Out or Ride Out an emergency. I like to alway have a plan CD&E.


It’s good to see people are realizing how quickly things can turn south. You may want to consider a Garmin Inreach in addition to the goTenna.


I just purchased two Gotenna Mesh units to add to my emergency communications and Jeep off-road adventures. I am a ham radio operator as well as Garmin In-reach GPS communicator owner. I was really impressed with the Mesh capabilities of the Gotenna units and after getting a chance to inspect them at our local REI store I just had to get a set. My sons and I are headed into the Uinta Mountains of Utah next weekend and will have fun trying these units out. Who knows, I may talk them both into buying a pair after they see mine!


i just purchased two but now after update i have one :joy: i hope someone solve this bug


Educator and general trouble maker brought here by way of Natalie Smolenski and a recent piece on our progression from kinship to Blockchain.


Hello Everyone,

My name is Ryan, I joined here to get some more information and reviews prior to purchasing a unit. My wife and I are frequent Cruisers and looking for bettter ways of communicating while on board and other countries. I am trying to see if anyone using theirs on cruise ships and how well it works.


Welcome to tayken and rewnolen!

There’s another member and his family who have been cruising. They are nearing the end of the cruise, but checked in a few days ago with a report after discussing various options and ideas for use on a cruise. There are links in that thread to earlier cruise ship threads, too.
Cruise Ship Project and Test


Hello! My name is Jason and I just bought a pair of goTenna Mesh to use when I go hiking and in case of emergency. I live in Calgary, Alberta and look forward to having them when I go to the mountains.


Welcome to the mesh community! Be sure and check out the imeshyou map, as there seem to be quite a few nodes in and around Calgary.


OK after many months lurking and reading the discussion here I finally just posted for the first time, so figure I might as well introduce myself. Call me @mficiencies, I am an early bitcoiner and generally an advocate for personal sovereignty. I believe in the potential of mesh networking, and think goTenna Mesh will go down in history as an important linchpin in the move toward creating non-censorable, truly decentralized telecommunications.

I recommend everyone read the following book. (If anyone wants to start a decentralization book club on Mesh Community, I’m really down for it.) I hope to proactively contribute to the boards from here on out. Thanks!

Mesh Community book club

Hi, everyone! I’m Michael. I’m a medical student and, like many of you, a HAM operator. Looking forward to more people adopting this tech so I can use around town and while on vacations or camping/hiking. I’m here because this seemed like the simplest system to get others to use (say, on cruise ships or in emergencies). The size of the user base is everything in mesh.


Hi Daniela, We bought Two of your First goTenna’s, they are pretty “Plain Jane” & do not look like your New ones, BUT they work. The “MESH” Network has really grown since the last time I was on your website. It looks like you have a “Hit” on your hands. Good Luck, Sam & Saundra


Hi Daniela & everyone, I am Dave/W6TUX & my XYL is Heidi/W6HPY, (obviously Amateur Radio Operators as are so many here). Early this month, I downloaded a copy of the App to my iPhone just to have a peek, was a little distracted as our first great granddaughter was born the day before. :wink: I did get a group of maps downloaded and a few configuration items done, then sat it aside to hold that baby some more.

Two days ago, I happened across a new YouTube posting by Josh/KI6NAZ entitled " Gotenna Mesh Review, The Future Of The Internet?" and after viewing his video just had to have a look at GoTenna Mesh. This afternoon, just two days later, Amazon Prime came through with a pair for us to learn/test and its been a fun afternoon/evening. Took about 18 minutes each to upgrade them to the latest firmware. Needless to say, I’m already having fun, and planning to pick up a 3rd device to stick up in a 70’ palm tree on our property to see how that works out. Life is good! dave


I’m Steve (Boothby171). I’m just here to see if this would be a good idea for Kayaking (myself), and bicycle touring (for my brother).

So…are these things waterproof?


I have a couple of the original goTennas, but very interested in the mesh!