Mesh Community book club

I have a long list of books I’ve been meaning to read regarding decentralization, innovation, and even more specifically, telecommunications, and when @mficiencies even specifically referenced a book on my list, I thought, well, even if it’s just a book club of 2, that’d be fun — but I suspect others here may be interested as well!

This is the specific book that @mficiencies mentioned:

And here are some others on my to-read list that may be of interest to others here:

Would love to hear other ideas people have for good books to dig into together? And of course, whether a book club of some sort on Mesh Community is of interest to any others? :slight_smile:


Just finished The Sovereign Individual, I definitely recommend it. Another good read on a similar vein is "Thank You for Being Late by Thomas L. Friedman.


Thanks for the rec, @jayborn!

Perhaps a lower barrier to entry to start is just to share good book recommendations/reviews with each other. :wink: If there’s enough interest later on, we can always properly read a book together!


Probably a good idea! Here’s another one I am currently reading which I recommend so far!