goTenna mesh named one of "100 greatest innovations of 2017" by Popular Science!

Yeeee! Get it, goTenna team!! Congrats :raised_hands::champagne::tada:


@femmesh thanks! itโ€™s a fun list to be on, and also an honor. but as they write in the description, whatโ€™s so innovative about it is that goTenna Mesh allows you to create a network with the people around you โ€” so itโ€™s really an award for all Meshers, not just goTennaโ€™s team

Bolds my own:

Smartphones are powerful devices but need one pesky thing: infrastructure. This candy-bar-size gizmo liberates your handset from its dependency on cell towers. Bluetooth-pair one with your phone, and then beam messages over UHF radio waves to friends miles away who are also carrying the gadget. Because each antenna acts as a node in a mesh network, your range expands with each goTenna [Mesh] in the vicinity.

So #imeshyou all for helping us get this off the ground! :hugs: