Hyper-local mesh texting app with goTenna integration

Hi all,

I have recently built an Android app that creates a nearby M-to-N mesh using the phones Bluetooth radio (BLE). This allows for nearby text messaging with no additional hardware. This is working quite well so far, but the range is obviously limited. I’ve used goTenna for a long time (since first gen) to do off-grid communication with one other person. Now I am thinking of combining the ideas and using goTenna to act as a “bridge” between two hyper-local M-N mesh nodes. Something like this:

Would anyone else be interested in use case like this? One of the main benefits is that you can link to disparate mesh networks using only two goTennas.


Jeff Mixon


Is love to try to help.

Please,were can I download ur app ? Can u send me the app ? ( U can Use the telegram group (gotennamesh)

Sure, it is still in testing right now but you can download the beta at https://www.getknit.app/ if you want. It may not work well on all devices due to Bluetooth quirks but you can let me know if you run into any problems.

I will be looking in to goTenna SDK integration shortly.

Sorry, your website doesn’t load for me. It returns an empty page “this service requires Javascript”, but if I enable Javascript, it times out with “Try again”.

Do you have a direct link that doesn’t require Javascript, please?

Edit: does your project have a public repo?

You should be able to opt-in directly here https://play.google.com/apps/testing/app.getknit.knit.

There’s not a public repo yet. Once the app is a bit further along and stable I plan on open sourcing it so it can become a community project, add it to F-Droid, etc.

You can now simply get the app on Play store without signing up for the beta:

I have applied for a new SDK license key as my previous one appears to no longer be active. Once goTenna replies I plan on starting the integration.