Using FRS/GMRS radio with mesh

Anyone know of a way to transmit and receive FRS/GMRS, generally radio, signal through a mesh device? Basically converting radio to goTenna and back out at the other end.

Can’t do that, not enough bandwidth for voice on the mesh.


Cool, thanks for the quick reply!


Additionally, the radio chip works for the ISM frequencies only — not FRS / GMRS

EDIT: My response assumes you would be using additional equipment. As @danielagotenna points out the Gotenna Mesh is not made for GMRS/FRS frequencies.

The legality is questionable due to FCC restrictions on FRS/GMRS. Similar restrictions forced Gotenna to switch from MURS to ISM when they decided to use mesh technology. Someone creative could use text to speech and speech to text to bypass bandwidth issues. It wouldn’t be pretty and you would need someone well versed in the legality issue.

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