Bulk Naked Mesh

What are the odds on a group purchase of the goTenna Mesh board w/out the enclosure?


That would be an awesome option for those that want to tinker with these devices! My guess is the chances are really low unfortunately.

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I will post a video on how to open them as soon as I can! It’s really really easy though!


I’d like to buy blemished seconds or functional returns for projects. Mystery box anyone? :wink:



I would be interested to know if selling a unit like this is still FCC compliant. It seems like it should be but we are talking about a government agency.

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giqcass - FCC, no; it wouldn’t change the transmission characteristics.
heck you can purchase gear to make software radios without much difficulty
and one could cause all sorts of trouble with those.
now UL may be another question, but people purchase naked boards all the

Gotennas fall under different rules then radio parts. In fact by that logic the Gotenna itself wouldn’t require certification because the radio it was built with was already FCC certified. The FCC has a large range of restrictions beyond interference levels, spurious signals, and power ratings. This can include things like no removable antennas, no encryption, different bandwidths, no ability for the user to change frequencies, no channel hopping, ect… It gets very complex and changes not just based on the frequency but also the radio service the device is meant for and use cases.

You practically need to be a lawyer to get everything correct. There are even cases where the FCC interpreted their own rules wrong and later revoked certification from products that were previously passed.

EDIT: Here is an interesting and useful example of a seemingly strange FCC rule. You can use 60 watts EIRP on 2.4ghz WIFI with no license required but only if it’s a point to point connection.

EDIT: Sorry, one last edit. A radio that meets all FCC requirements that is properly tuned and certified for FCC part 97 can not be legally used for GMRS if it was not part 95 type certified even if the signal is completely indistinguishable from a part 95 type certified radio.

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Sorry about my rant. I’m genuinely interested about the legality of “naked boards”. I only wanted to point out the complexity of the subject.

You asked a really interesting question that I was also pondering.

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