A nice little teardown article by John Ehringer

I particularly liked his method for splitting the case.


Good stuff! Thanks!!!

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I definitely got the “you’re outside the US so we set your frequency to your region” message when I booted mine up for the first time here in Japan. Now wondering if I’ll get that same message when I travel or head back to the US.


@GhostRiderBuzz the goTenna app will automatically detect your location and set the correct frequencies for your region.


Outstanding @Rahul_Subramany for me it’s a neat little Easter Egg when I travel! Thanks for including “smart” features to stay ahead of the game and ensure worldwide support! Can’t wait to get a crack at the Singapore region. Looks pretty chock full on imeshyou.


Let us know how things work out in Singapore.


Hi GhostRiderBuzz,

Did you manage to use goTenna mesh in Singapore? I’m curious if the nodes are real… Please kindly let me know.


We just started shipping to Singapore in the last week — we were awaiting regulatory certification — some of those nodes may have arrived already (especially via people who had them shipped to the U.S., Canada or Europe and so received them beforehand); many of those are probably just people who posted where they plan to use their nodes as many of those map markers have been up for many months now. :slight_smile:

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My dad brought his gotenna to Singapore within the last week and was unable to make contact with anyone from this high rise hotel room.

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Yeah, not surprised. Cities need a lot of node density … and units to Singapore barely started shipping (I doubt any of them have arrived or even cleared customs yet). Also people need to have them ON! :slight_smile:

Direct your dad here, and help encourage others in Singapore to do Mesh tests with you! Singapore area group


I actually left before being able to try them out. I’m now in Japan and have had zero luck connecting with any other users.

goTenna Mesh is not licensed for use in Japan nor is it sold directly there, just FYI! (just to comment it’s not a surprise there aren’t many users there…)


Oh wow that explains it!

Well I’ll be moving to Va Beach soon so cheers!

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