Difference from Original Gotenna

I purchased two of the original KickStarter units many years ago. Is there any difference between them and the current units? I want to create a mesh node station.

The plain old first gen goTenna utilized 5 MURS frequencies in the 150 mHz VHF band. It did not mesh.

The first second gen goTenna Mesh units had a black silicone tether band, IIRC, if you’re talking about the very first mesh units. They used the same basic firmware as the current GTMs, which hasd been updated since then. The GTM uses ~50 freqs in the 900 mHz ISM band.

The first and second gen versions are incompatible, as they operate on different freqs with different firmware. Although the firmware has been updated, all versions of the later GTMs can talk with each other, with a few exceptions among early units that have some firmware updating issues. Check with CS if you run into that, as they may have a solution.

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