goTenna and GoTennaPro

Can the goTenna, goTenna Pro, gotenna x work together to create a mesh network?

Basically, no. They operate on different frequencies.

The underkying software/firmware is Aspen Grove and the process used is similar, but they create two different mesh networks that don’t communicate on the same bands. The GTM is restricted to the unlicensed 900 mHz ISM band, while the Pro is more frequency agile on a set of licensed frequencies that are incompatabile with the ISM band the GTM uses.

Mike, thanks for the detailed response greatly appreciate it. By the way, if you had enough users could you cover communicate to an end-user that’s over 200 miles away? Because I keep seeing a hop limitation and was wonder if these devices are better at communicating at shorter distances.

Hi Sadler,

You are correct hop count is limited to 6, which is why goTenna mesh devices are better at communicating at shorter distances.

Hop count limit is 6, but total distance depnds on the length of the legs. Since records for single hop were something over 60 miles IIRC, 200 miles is possible with optimally located nodes with 6 hops.

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I wish the Pro model had 900Mhz so search and rescue could communicate directly with civilian users who might need help.

That’s a great point and it would assist with creating a mesh.

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