Search for nearby meshers? Missing feature to grow the community?

I think a great missing feature would be to be able to find local mesh users who are active nearby instead of being forced to shout and hope someone responds. This would make using gotenna more fun, increase use, and help grow the idea behind the mesh community. It would even grow use since it may make sense to sell a single pack in the future for this and possibly double the number of users out there. This sounds like not that hard of a software/firmware feature to add. Any plans for this? I’m sure there could be a private setting if people didn’t want to participate.

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Well, there is this: Node Map

Users who place their nodes on this map can append their GUID to the details you can enter when doing so. Many already do, more could, but the way it’s configured it leaves this choice up to the user, as it should be.

The idea of a single pack has some merit. However, even if you’re the sole user, it’s to your great advantage to use one paired to your phone device and then to deploy the other GTM to serve to enhance the reach of your first hop.

You can do this at home by placing it in as high a position as safely possible. There it will effectively serve as a powered antenna. At the same time, it will also aid others by relaying their messages.

Another very useful means to enhance the general utility and reach of your paired GTM is to use the second as a mobile repeater. If you mount it on top of your vehicle, it will act much like the powered antenna I just described for at home. This way you can be inside buildings, etc and still get a great signal out if your vehicle is parked nearby to relay it onward.


@cnap This is definitely something we’ve been looking into…stay tuned!