Suggest slogans for goTenna Mesh!

I’ve been thinking about this lately because I find it sometimes hard to explain what goTenna Mesh is to non-tech people, and I thought it’d be fun to elicit ideas from the rest of you — what’re some good slogans / easy-to-understand ways of describing the product / idea/ concept… and getting it to “click” in people’s heads?

Puns are allowed!


@femmesh “No matter what always be connected.” :rofl:


Do you mesh, because I can hear you from 3 hops away.


Keep the ideas coming… We are also brainstorming new T-shirts so what would be something you’d want to wear written on your chest?

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Do you even mesh?
Care to mesh?
Mesh with me
Mesh Founder

meshing supports everybody

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How about this…“I’ll stop the world and mesh with you.” Comes from the 80’s song by Modern english, “I’ll stop the world and melt with you.” Get the rights to the song, and you’ve got an ad campaign.


Or old school, low tech:
on the front: Got Mesh?
on the back, whatever you think sells the message, maybe: "goTenna Mesh
The YOU-powered network,
always connected,
always private,
always encrypted!"
with the website

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