International Haiku Day!

Hi everyone!

Today is International Haiku Day! The goTenna team thought it might be fun to celebrate by making a few Mesh-related Haikus.

In order to spice it up, we’ll be giving away a goTenna t-shirt and sticker to our favorite Haiku(s). Don’t forget to use the 5/7/5 format.

I’ll kick it off!

Please excuse my poetry. It’s a tribute to Mesh AND the Trader Joes in Brooklyn where I have no cell service.

Underground market
Message not received down here
Trader Joes needs Mesh

Your turn!


SELECT connections
FROM decentralized_networks
JOIN community


Leaping through the air
goTenna Mesh text powers
Our community



here are a few…

when systems are down
or the distance between grows
stay in touch always

like the web but not
mesh connotes community
and resiliency

sometimes when you travel
it’s good to get alone time
get lost and be found

your phone is useless
without a signal so you
should create your own

not all who wander
are lost especially if
you are in the mesh

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