goTenna Day (November ? )

Maybe we can have a goTenna Day (Nov ??) for the day goTenna idea was thought off. We can switch ON our goTenna for 12hrs or more and have as much users in the Shouts as possible. The day can also act as a test/drill for the usage of goTenna for emergency situation.


I love this idea and think we definitely should. We’re gonna learn a lot about what works in terms of engaging communities in-real-time through our Local Ambassador pilot campaigns soon so we can come back with best-practices and learnings from that to inform a more (global?!) version of what you’re talking about here.

Also paging @gua742 to share how successful his timed “shouts” in the Seattle area have been? I know he’s building a real community out there already!


So far I have got one shout from someone! They were on the tallest building in Seattle and I missed the message bc I was with a patient, however I expect more in the coming weeks as the Seattle Mesh community starts to grow :slight_smile:


I’m so into this!!! Maybe we can do it even sooner than November :wink:

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