Trying to find/meet whomever is using goTenna Mesh "Shouts" in Brooklyn near goTenna's office!

Hi! At goTenna HQ in downtown Brooklyn, we’ve been seeing some goTenna Mesh “Shouts” (aka public broadcasts) popping up for the last few days and our team is getting a kick out of them — a lot of the messages start with “DEWEY” for some reason. If this is you, and you’re on Mesh Community, identify yourself! We wanna invite you to lunch with our team! :slight_smile:

We tried to 1:1 message you just now but the message was shown as “Delivery Unconfirmed” (which usually means undelivered). Your last “Shout” was at 11:35 am and it’s already 12:16 pm, so it’s possible you’ve moved out of range or turned off your device. We’ll be faster to reply next time and hopefully we catch you live in “Shouts.”

P.S. Apologies to any area “Shout” users as our QA team is often sending random strings of letters in “Shouts” during testing. If you see those, you’ll know who it is — say hi!


Well, they came back in range — seems to be 3 people. See updated screenshot below… sneak-peek at our 4.1 app release with improved chat UI which we hope to release by end of the month, and which is currently in QA!

Regardless fun to see Shouts in use by mysterious Meshers nearby :wink: