VOTE for new goTenna Mesh/imeshyou totebags!

Hi I’m Sam, and I’m the communications designer at goTenna and I wanted to get the Mesh Community’s feedback on some new swag we’re pulling together for the holiday season:

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Wow, uninamous as of 11:23 EDT!

How about a magnet mount for the car? One that attaches to the roof and securely holds your unit within Bluetooth range of course. More functional, easy to design and make.


A recommendation- Totes are great for trade shows, but for product use, to hold a goTenna, I would recommend that a goTenna patch go on this:

Spare battery on the inside, goTenna in the pouch outside.


I think the idea is to create tote bags for more mainstream appeal — though all the ideas here are great for future accessories. These tote bags will be also given away for free with holiday orders/promotions :wink: