Streaming maps message?

Loaded up one of my “attached location” messages and when it loaded up the map a dialog came up that said I was currently streaming maps and I should download a map before I go offline. I thought it was odd as I had earlier downloaded the map for Indiana. I checked my map settings and I had. I have a gotenna plus subscription I’ve paid for. So I don’t know why the dialog came up telling me I was streaming maps instead of using the downloaded map.

I’ve seen the message before, but it’s been a month or so back most recently. IIRC, the Indiana map you’re referring to is actually a set of city maps?

I think it’s a reminder to get the additional topo map info. It detects you’re online while you’re running the street maps, so sees this as an opportunity to be helpful. Does that fit the circumstance/context the message came up in?

Under Map Settings -> Downloaded Maps I have Indiana which is what I downloaded (I’m in Indianapolis). I was surprised to see I was streaming maps as I’m in Indy. I have the Topological Maps slider enabled on the bottom of maps so I’m definitely seeing the topo map and not the non-topo map.

Oh well, maybe a fluke but something they should look into.

This message appears when the Topo maps are toggled on; we call out that using the topographical maps may use data. However, because you download those specific topographic areas to use offline, you wouldn’t be streaming.


@anon62894636 okay may want to reword the dialog as in my quick read of the dialog it appeared I was streaming. I’m on a good 4G LTE plan so I’m not worried about streaming if I have to.

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