Topo Map Improvements

Hey folks,
After downloading a few topo maps, I found two good ways to improve their use.

First, those green boxes that show downloaded regions are really only useful when you’re managing your downloaded maps. Once you’re trying to use the maps, they actually hinder the view. These screenshots show two overlapping, downloaded regions. The green boxes eventually go away if you zoom in close enough, but you have to zoom in so far the map is nearly useless. The image on the right, is zoomed in at the intersection of the two areas at a zoom level that makes the green boxes disappear.

Second, I don’t remember the order that I downloaded regions, so my current options are either delete one and switch to the map to see what disappeared or delete all of them and redownload new maps. What I wish I could do was tap a slot to see it’s downloaded area. Bonus points if I can toggle downloaded map indicators to see those green boxes labeled with the slot number each one occupies.


@akraut Agreed the green overlay is annoying. We will look to improve this in a future update.
Regarding your 2nd concern, clicking on a region under ‘My Maps’ should take you to the corresponding area on the map. Can you try this again?

Yep, this does indeed work. I stand corrected on that one. I did find one more quirk with the maps bit. The pins don’t seem to line up properly. In the non-topo mode they appear to be “attached” to the map at the top of the icon rather than the bottom.

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@akraut that is a limitation forced upon us by the maps backend we use. We are looking to overhaul this in future.

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