Trouble downloading street level maps after last update

After the last update my maps disappeared and are failing to download. Anyone else having trouble?

So when I select a map the download progress hangs at 0% After several tries the maps downloaded slowly. The do not show up as a list of downloaded maps on the Map Download screen. Otherwise the maps are much improved with more detail than before!

I think maybe you’re talking about what looks like a picture-in-picture function that shows up as a menu choice (Download) at the top of the Street-level maps. I played around with it a little, since it’s been awhile since I’ve worked much with the maps. I had trouble sizing the box area, but it’s probably my stupid fingers :crazy_face:

File size may be important here, so do you have plenty of room for the desired download on your device?

Plenty of memory. If I start the download and switch to another app (without quitting the GTM app) or the lock the phone the download fails and has to be restarted. After several tries and just waiting for the download to complete and turning off the lock timer I got the maps I wanted.

all mine went away :angry: