Organizing goTenna community day in Utah

I’d like to organize (via social media like Nextdoor) a day when goTenna users can power-up & test the strength/saturation of our community mesh network here in Salt Lake County, Utah. Is there a written guide or automated tool that can help collect connectivity data & produce a ‘community score’, heatmap, or other metrics?

Perhaps there’s a setting that enables nodes to autonomously participate in these organizing days.

I’m not aware of anything more than goTenna’s Network Map, which is self-reported, not live. I’m in Salt Lake County, also. When I first got my two goTenna units, I left one powered up in relay mode for a couple of months, and I was constantly wondering if it ever relayed anything, but there’s no way to find out. Just some anonymous stats would have been interesting. I also sent out an occasional shout, but never got a reply.