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Salt Lake City, Utah

Hello goTenna Mesh users in the Salt Lake County/Utah County area.

I would love to hear of anyone willing to leave their goTenna on all the time or setup a permanent relay node on.

I plan to leave my goTenna’s on 24/7 - one in South Jordan area and one in Cottonwood Heights area (except when I take them camping).

Anyone else in the South Jordan area willing to leave yours on 24/7?



Mine is nearly always on, but travels with me between sandy and the U. Does anyone use the Shout feature? I haven’t gotten any shouts.


Hey SLC! You might consider doing something like what some Meshers in Seattle are testing out:


Hey BBrew,

My GID is 1801 8718 371 I work in the OLD MILL area.

Try to send me a message or shout when you drive by the 215 bend.


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If you are in South Jordan near 102 South and 4000 West (near the Firestation and Daybreak) try to send me a Shout or 1 to 1 message. My GID is 1801 8718 371


I am in Highland and have two gotennas. Both are always on. One is stationary and in relay mode, the other is on and travels with me.
We are building a mesh net in Highland, Alpine and Cedar Hills. It is getting fun!


That is great I have two antennas and keep them both in relay mode most of the time. One in South Jordan and the other in the Old Mill / Cottonwood area

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Here is a chance at reviving this topic! Anyone here still interesting in helping mess SLC? I am trying to make a backup system that would work from basically The Gateway to Sugar House park for now! Trying to gauge any interest.

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I could set up a GoTenna in repeater mode at the Triad Center which is near the Gateway if that would help

I can set up a node at 118th and redwood in riverton

I just picked up a couple and can set up one in repeater mode in riverton 118th and redwood