Boulder, Colorado


Hi all! @danielagotenna asked me to introduce our regional community here. Check out the - we are developing a boulder-wise meshnet that will be an example of infrastructure that can be used in creating a global uncensorable alternative to the internet.

We will be deploying hardware that is compatible with the goTenna hardware so we can mesh together!

More info on our twitter! @bouldermesh


I’m very interested to find out what type of hardware/software is compatible with Gotenna?


Hmm… the website hasn’t been updated since 2014 (?), and this post was the only time they ever logged in to the community forums here, and their meetup has no meetups scheduled. Is this group still alive?


Hello! While I may not be in CO, I’m excited that you’ve revived this thread! Have you used goTenna Mesh around Boulder? Seen any shouts?


I’m actually in Denver and was curious. There seems to be some activity just north of where I live in the Stapleton area (I’m in Lowry if you know Denver) but I haven’t found any group specifically for the greater Denver metro…


I just got a few GTM units and am in the process of range-testing and such down in the SE Aurora, CO area. Also working on solar-powering them and have a few panels I’m testing out.


Just as a neat aside — both goTenna Mesh and Pro units are also in use by certain public safety groups (particularly SAR and wildland fire) in Colorado, including in Boulder County!


I’m north of Denver in Frederick. Just starting out with these.


Just ordered four mesh units. I am in Greenwood Village and will be setting one of them up as a dedicated really in the next few days.