Minimize Body Interference

Picture a runner with little clothes on. Got that picture? They have a GTM and their paired Cell Phone, and no pockets because they are wearing the latest Lululemon running gear. If they were to use one of those cell phone arm bands that was big enough to hold both, some are neoprene, would that buffer enough to minimize body interference. If I were to make a armband out of just spandex, would placing a thin plastic piece between the units and the skin help? Or aluminum? Does having the GTM next to the Cell Phone cause problems?

What you want here is to minimize the shielding of the signal by your clothing and by your body itself.

For starts, the strap on your goTenna Mesh is intended to make it easy to carry in a position that affords it a good view of other nodes/relays/devices. Generally, the higher you carry it, the better. Remember that your body acts as a block on RF signals at the frequencies it operates on. If you have the GTM attached to your shirt pocket and your are facing the closest node and are within range, you should find it gives you a pretty good signal. However, if you turn 180 degrees, your torso will largely block the LOS view to the next node.

That’s one reason why you often see the GTM attached to the top of a backpack. It’s still not perfect, but only only your neck and head will block it there.

In your case, a bicep mounted rig is a pretty good stand-in for the top of pack location. Not as good as the pack, but better than on the chest.

Thus, the plastic between the GTM and the rest of the bodysuit/body probably won’t help and may even hinder. I’d just go with just the spandex unless there’s more pressing reasons to include the plastic.

Aluminum may help, but only in acting as a reflector of the signal away from the body, Some may want this shielding of the body. On the other hand, again at 180 degrees, the reflected signal may improve transmission.

I’ve noted no problems caused by keeping your cell device in close proximity to the goTenna Mesh. As an old radio buff, I tend to naturally try to keep them a short distance apart as generally good practice, but I’m niote sure it’s necessary.


Thanks Mike. Sounds good. I will work with that. I do a lot of DIY. It makes it easier if I don’t really have to care about things like absorption or interference. Something for runners, and something for skiers right now using spandex and neoprene most likely

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